Keyboard and Mouse Reviews

We all need one, and typically we need a couple. We’re talking about input devices, of course, and here at TBG, we have a shelf-full of them! Luckily, thanks to our years of coverage of the peripherals market, we also have a great relationship with many of the biggest players in the industry, meaning we can bring you reviews of products before they even hit store shelves.

As background, keyboards and mice can both be broken down into several categories. In terms of keyboards, you have your basic membrane keyboard, ergonomic keyboards, and high-end mechanical keyboards, the latter being targeted at those who type for a living, as well as those who need an ultra-responsive experience for gaming. At this point, if you’re buying a high-end keyboard (as in anything above $100 or so), it’s going to be mechanical. As for mice, you have your basic wired mice, higher-end wired gaming mice, and a whole range of wireless models, targeting mobile users, gamers, and professionals. And in between, there’s a growing number of combined devices with integrated touchpads, mouse pads, or joysticks, which make them perfect for home theater or other uses where a typical desk setup isn’t possible.

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