Logitech G915 Wireless Mechanical RGB Keyboard Review

By Ari Altman | Published October 8, 2019 | Updated October 8, 2019


Beautiful industrial design; excellent Lightspeed wireless system; ultra-responsive switches


Flat, smooth keycaps aren’t ideal for gaming; GHub software suite is buggy; expensive


4.5 out of 5 stars


We’ve reviewed a whole lot of gaming keyboards over the years, and Logitech is of course among the most prolific keyboard manufacturers in the world. But it’s been a long time since we’ve viewed Logitech as the best keyboard manufacturer, at least for gamers. The honor has gone to Corsair. Their exclusive relationship with Cherry netted them the amazing low-profile MX Speed switches uses in the K70 low-profile keyboard that we’ve loved since our day one review, and the original K70 aesthetics still look good today, five years after it initially took the gaming market by storm.

Well, Logitech is ready to turn the tables on its arch-rival, and from the spec sheet alone, the new G915 Wireless Mechanical RGB Keyboard that we’re testing here seems like a formidable challenger. It packs in Logitech’s unmatched Lightspeed wireless system, which is massively fast, impressively consistent, and appropriately energy efficient. That makes it the perfect addition to a wireless keyboard. But honestly, we were not impressed with Logitech’s first effort, the G613, which we reviewed as soon as it hit the market in 2017. It felt cheap, both in terms of the finish and the switches. Logitech may have hit a fly ball with the G613, but with the G915 it’s swinging for the fences. It builds on the G613 by adding a much more attractive exterior design that’s just 22mm thick, full per-key RGB lighting, and custom Kaihua low-profile switches in three different “loadouts.” We’re testing the G915 “clicky” model here, but the G915 can also be spec’d with linear and tactile versions.

Is this the home run Logitech and its fans have been waiting for? You’ll find out soon enough!

Description, Features & Performance

We’ve created a video that shows you every last detail of this keyboard, including how it compares to its two closest competitors, both mentioned in the introduction above. We believe this will help you understand its strengths and weaknesses a whole lot better than reading a long treatise on the subject. Enjoy!


Impressed? Yeah, so were we. While it’s not quite the ultimate gaming keyboard that Logitech might have you believe based on the price, it’s is absolutely fantastic. We feel it’s as groundbreaking a product for Logitech in the keyboard market as the G403 Prodigy wireless gaming mouse, which we reviewed in 2016, was for the mouse market. Once the G403 arrived, it was game over for Logitech’s competitors, who were stuck firmly in wired mouse land. Similarly, we believe Logitech will run circles around its competitors with the G915 and its descendants for years to come.


Simply put, the G915 is the best keyboard on the market. It’s a technological tour de force that no competitor is going to be able to match for years to come. We absolutely love it for its beautiful design, ultra-responsive switches, wireless (and wired) connectivity, and excellent battery life. It’s mind-blowing really, that Logitech has leapfrogged not only itself but its competition so quickly. With that said, we do think the G915 leaves just a bit to be desired as a gaming keyboard, which is how it’s being marketed, due to the small, flat, slippery keycaps. So it’s a home run, if not a grand slam. We’re pretty sure Logitech is already on deck with the next iteration, so stay tuned for perfection!

The G915 Wireless Mechanical Clicky RGB Keyboard is available for $242 from Amazon, as of our publication date, and easily earns our recommendation. As always, for our latest recommendations in the keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and game controller categories, check out our Peripherals Buyer’s Guide, updated quarterly.

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