The Gamer’s Bench

Browsing The Gamer’s Bench, you’ll find a full range of articles digging deep into issues that matter most to gamers: performance, performance, and performance! We said that three times because gaming performance is a multi-faceted concept, so we look at issues ranging from CPU scaling in games (with an emphasis on both clockspeed and cores), the experience offered by video cards from AMD and Nvidia at a range of pricepoints and resolutions, as well as issues related to overclocking and cooling, which will be of interest to any gamer looking to push the limits of their gaming rig!

Our goal is to make this a whole lot more in-depth than the typical single-product review, which is the focus of most tech publications these days. In the articles below, we will always give you a comprehensive look at topics that are of critical importance to PC gaming enthusiasts. We think you’ll come away from our explorations with a new perspective on what it takes, indeed what it means, to build a high-performance gaming PC.

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