The Best $2000 High-End Content Creation PC Build – May 2024

By Ari Altman | Published April 27, 2024 | Updated May 4, 2024

NorthCalling All Serious Content Creators!

If you’re looking to put together the ultimate video editing PC at a mainstream price, this is the guide for you! Rather than try to tweak gaming-focused builds to make them a better match for heavy Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and similar application use, just build one that’s designed for content creation from the start! Sure, you could game on this system, but the components have been chosen specifically to maximize application performance and minimize noise, which is what we think professional video editors will value the most.

This Month’s Build, Featuring Intel and Nvidia!

For May 2024, the High-End Content Creation continues to feature Intel’s raging-fast Core i7-14700KF, a 20-core, 28-thread behemoth that offers tremendous content creation chops for the price. It has a total of 8 performance cores and 12 efficiency cores, allowing it to tackle any task with targeted firepower: a few ultra-high speed core for single-threaded tasks or a phalanx of cores for multi-threaded tasks. It’s paired with an upgraded GPU this month, the powerful Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Super 12GB, which provides incredible acceleration in apps like Davinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop. It’s also massively-efficient, which is great for keeping noise in check, while also allowing for the use of up to 4 monitors.

Backing up the CPU and GPU is 64GB of ultra-high-speed DDR5-6400 RAM and a top-end 2TB PCIe Gen 4 solid-state drive, which offers extraordinary I/O throughput. To put the finishing touches on this build, we suggest you equip it with an efficient fully-modular 850W power supply and cool it with the awesome Deepcool Assassin 4S tower cooler. Finally it’s housed in the trend-setting Fractal Design North, which will look great in any professional studio or work space. This will give you a silent-running, workstation-class system, and take note: we’re recommending the white version of the case, along with a white version of the CPU cooler and power supply, to give this build extra class!

Parting Thoughts

If you’re looking to complete your system, you’ll find our recommendations on the perfect peripherals for a content creation PC later on this page. We use Amazon affiliate links for our readers in the US, which will auto-convert for our readers in the UK, Canada, and parts of the EU, with regional substitutions made automatically based on availability. Your use of these links to purchase the products we recommend will help support continued development of this site.

Required Components

  • CPU

    Intel Core i7-14700KF

    The 14700KF offers blazing-fast performance for a relative bargain price. With 8 performance cores and 12 efficiency cores (up from 8 in the 13700KF), it delivers a total of 20 cores and 28 threads of game- and content-crushing performance. It’s the chip every serious PC user would be proud to have in their system!

    The Guru’s Tip

    This CPU offers tremendous content creation capability, far exceeding anything AMD offers at this pricepoint.

  • Motherboard

    MSI MAG Z790-A Max WiFi

    MSI’s “A” line is legendary for offering up tremendous performance for the price, and this Socket 1700 model based on the Z790 chipset is a perfect match for Intel’s latest CPUs. It features a massive 16+1+1 Phase VRM, four M.2 slots (all being Gen 4 x4), a PCIe Gen 5 video card slot, eight USB ports (one being Type-C), and integrated WiFi 7. Note that it conforms to the DDR5 RAM standard, providing the ultimate in performance for high-end Intel processors.

    The Guru’s Tip

    The new 14th-Gen CPUs require updated firmware, and most motherboards don't have it, but MSI has released its "Max" line to max the transition simple: every Max motherboard is guaranteed to boot 14th-Gen CPUs out of the box!

  • Video Card

    Asus GeForce RTX 4070 Super 12GB Dual Evo OC

    The RTX 4070 Super offers amazing performance and amazing efficiency, surpassing the original 4070 by 15% at the same launch price. This model’s dual-slot, dual-fan cooler with oversized fans will keep temperatures in check and noise levels down, without filling up your system. Plus it has a factory overclock to give it an extra boost.

    The Guru’s Tip

    While marketed primarily for gaming, the RTX 4070 Super is an exceptional content creation GPU, far exceeding the performance of any AMD GPU, while providing a solid 12GB of VRAM and impressive efficiency. It also supports up to four UHD monitors simultaneously!

  • Memory

    G.Skill 2x32GB Ripjaws S5 DDR5-6400 CL32

    For the ultimate in speed, you must go with DDR5 RAM, but not just any DDR5 RAM, because you need high-frequency DDR5 to blow past DDR4 RAM performance. And that’s what you get with G.Skill’s Trident Z5 kit running at DDR5-6400 with timings of 32-39-39-102 at 1.40V. This is the real deal when it comes to DDR5 performance!

    The Guru’s Tip

    This DDR5 kit is a great match for the CPU and motherboard - remember, DDR4 is not compatible!

  • Solid-State Drive

    Crucial T500 2TB Gen4

    Crucial knocked it out of the park with its ultra-high-performance T500 PCIe Gen 4 drive. Optimized for excellent real-world performance, it easily keeps up with more expensive drives. This 2TB model can provide sequential read speeds of 7400MB/s and write speeds of 7000MB/s.

    The Guru’s Tip

    The speed of this drive will be put to good use in a serious content creation machine. If you'd like to split out your OS and swap drive for even better throughput, just pick up two 1TB drives... or better yet, two of these 2TB drives!

  • Case

    Fractal Design North White

    The North is a true watershed product for the professional case market. Designed for designers, with a nod to mid-century themes thanks to the wood slat front grille, this PC case will look great anywhere, and is perhaps the harbinger of the next big trend as RGB lighting’s potential has been tapped out! This case also offers plenty of space and quiet operation, thanks to the two included 140mm front fans. All in all, you’re getting an amazing enclosure for a seriously-pro PC!

    The Guru’s Tip

    This case was originally designed as a gaming case, but its professional looks and ultra-quiet operation make it perfect for a content creation PC.

  • Power Supply

    SilverStone DA850R White

    Offering up 850W of power and top-notch build quality, this PSU is a great value among high-end models. Thanks to its fully-modular cables and compact 150mm length, it’s very easy to install, allowing you to minimize cable clutter by leaving out cables you don’t need for this build. It’s also forward-looking, with both traditional video card power cables and a 12V-2×6 connector (an improved version of the 12VHPWR connector), allowing you to directly connect to any current or future GPU. The best part: thanks to its Gold-rated efficiency and zero-fan mode, the power supply will operate in silence most of the time!

    The Guru’s Tip

    This PSU will provide plenty of power for this system, which under full CPU/GPU rendering load will draw under 500W.

  • CPU Cooler

    DeepCool Assassin 4S White

    Deepcool has been around a long time, but only recently did they truly aim to dethrone all the top contenders on the cooler market with well-priced, ultra-performance models. The Assassin 4S builds on the original IV (yes, the numerals have changed!), by simplifying the design for even better performance. It drops the rear 120mm fan, which didn’t add that much performance, and instead features an optimized single-fan design, utilizing a 140mm center fan for quiet, high-end performance. It offers perfect clearance over the RAM slots, along with the most refined looks of any cooler on the market. Deepcool has truly turned cooler design into an art form!

    The Guru’s Tip

    This high-powered cooler will keep the hot-running Core i7 processor under control, while looking absolutely first-rate in this system!

  • Operating System

    Windows 11 Home (USB) @Newegg

    Windows 11 built on everything people loved about Windows 10, and then took it to 11! It adds significant under-the-hood changes to make it faster and more secure, and of course, the interface is sleek too! Note that we’re linking to Newegg, because Amazon long ago stopped selling this physical USB version of Windows, which is the most convenient one to use.

    The Guru’s Tip

    Win11 is definitely what you want on a new PC!

Optional Products

  • Sound Card

    Creative Sound Blaster AE-7

    If you’re serious about audio, you’ll want to add a dedicated sound card to your system. The AE-7 from Sound Blaster features an astounding 127db signal-to-noise ratio, an ESS SABRE-class 9018 DAC, along with an Audio Control Module (ACM) that incorporates a built-in microphone array and mic/headphone I/O connections, plus a control knob to adjust the headphone levels.

    The Guru’s Tip

    Stepping up to a dedicated sound card is a good choice if you do a lot of audio work.

  • The 32-inch Professional 4K Monitor

    ViewSonic VP3256-4K

    Pair your content creation machine with a monitor that will let your work shine! The awesome ViewSonic VP3256 is a 32″ 4K IPS  monitor that achieves 100% sRGB gamut coverage, 95% Adobe RGB and Delta E<2 accuracy, and is Pantone-validated for tremendous color accuracy! It even has USB-C 60W power delivery, so you can connect your laptop and charge it at the same time!

    The Guru’s Tip

    Any content creator will want a big 4K monitor to work with, and this one is that and a whole lot more!

  • The Ultimate Business Keyboard

    Logitech MX Keys S Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

    The sleek, full-featured keyboard is our top pick for serious office productivity use. The low-profile keys and metal frame give it a very professional look and feel, along with a solid typing experience. It also offers backlighting to make typing in the dimly-lit conditions easier, and being wireless, you can easily move it out of the way when you need more desk space. Finally, Logitech’s Flow Control software allows you to use it on multiple systems simultaneously!

    The Guru’s Tip

    Logitech really leapfrogged the competition when it released this keyboard, and no one is close to catching up!

  • The Deluxe Wireless Mouse

    Logitech MX Master 3S

    Nothing can bog you down faster than a mouse tangled up on its cord. So we strongly recommend a wireless mouse, but not just any wireless mouse – the MX Master 3S from Logitech has an incredibly comfortable profile, ideal for use all day long, along with the most innovative scroll wheel ever to make its way onto a mouse. Its built-in battery will last up to 70 days before needing a charge, and the 3S can even track on glass, thanks to its highly-optimized 8000dpi sensor!

    The Guru’s Tip

    Perhaps the coolest feature of this mouse from a content creator's perspective is the Flow cross-computer control, which allows you to work seamlessly on three computers without the need for a KVM switch.

  • The Deluxe PC Headset

    SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Wireless

    From humble beginnings as a mousemat manufacturer, SteelSeries has come to absolutely dominate the gaming headset industry. And that’s because it’s not rocket science, it’s audio science! SteelSeries took a careful look at what gamers needed and and then applied all the proven techniques to get them everything they wanted. That includes ultra-high-fidelity audio, 360-degree surround sound for immersive gaming, dual audio streams for simultaneous connection to a PC and a smartphone, multi-platform support, and amazing 38-hour battery life plus quick-charge over USB-C, providing a 6 hour boost in 15 minutes! It also has among the best microphones in business, providing clear audio for everyone you’re talking to!

    The Guru’s Tip

    While designed first for gaming, this headset is of such a quality that any content creator can be proud to use it!

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