Smart Home Product Reviews

Smart Bulb

The Smart Home arena has been growing fast and furious over the past few years, with a huge number of companies playing a role, from the largest conglomerates (Philips, GE, Samsung), the the biggest names in home networking (Belkin, D-Link, and TP-Link) to the most daring of startups (Wink, MyFox, and Cree). The problem from the start has been interoperability, as having to contend with multiple standards makes about as much sense as having a different operating system for every app on your PC or smartphone. In other words, it doesn't work. Yet that's how things have been playing out, and for certain applications, where controls are inherently unique and specific, this may in fact make sense. For a whole host of other applications, however, a unification of standards makes sense, and the industry seems to be slowly making progress towards this goal.

We have a wide range of products in for review, and we're going to try to give our readers a taste of all that Smart Home makes possible, selecting what we believe to be among the best products from each category for a full, hands-on review. Here are the categories for which we already have sample product tests under way:

  • Smart Hubs
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Alarms
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Smart Light Bulbs and Switches

We'll be rolling out our reviews over time, and to be honest, we may need to update them occasionally as new features are added (or in some cases, taken away, as happened in June 2016 with our now thoroughly-disconnected TCP Connected lighting system!). This is a hot area of tech, which means things are in a constant state of flux. Fortunes will be made, dreams will be crushed, but in the end, we hope that the true winner is you, the consumer.

And our goal is to make sure that whatever Smart Home products you choose, you'll know all their features and shortcomings right from the start!