Vont Solar Outdoor Spotlight Review

By Ari Altman | Published November 19, 2021 | Updated November 19, 2021


Fantastic value; multiple uses; up to 12 hours of runtime


No timer function; direct sunlight is required for optimal charging


4.5 out of 5 stars


Vont LightsWe’ve tested a lot of solar-powered outdoor products, and while some have definitely impressed us, getting solar “right” is tough, especially at a good price. Vont has stepped into the market with an attractive 2-pack of solar spotlights for outdoor use at a price that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

Each of the lights in the 2-pack includes 16 individual LEDs for broad and bright illumination, a built-in 18650 Li-Ion battery cell, and an integrated solar panel for recharging. Also included in the box are spikes for installation into soil, as well as screws for wall-mounting.

That sums up what you get in the box with the Vont Solar Spotlight 2-Pack, but how does it perform? We’ll show you in our video review below!

Disclaimer: We’d like to thank Vont and Amazon for sponsoring this product review.

The Review

To cover all that the Vont Solar Spotlight 2-Pack has to offer, we’ve put together a full unboxing, setup, and review video, which you can see here!

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Overall, we came away very impressed with Vont’s spotlight combo. In our tests, low-power mode did indeed last 12 hours on a full charge, which will get you through the night (at least half of the year!). The light case by the spotlights was a pleasing quality, an adequately broad to avoid a “headlight” feel. Being able to mount them in the ground or on a wall provides a lot of options for how they can be used: pathway lighting, landscape lighting, security lighting, and the list goes on!

The only issue we had with them was that getting a full charge was pretty difficult on cloudy days, meaning some nights they just won’t provide many hours of illumination. We think that Vont could improve upon the functionality of the design by adding a simple timer option, whereby the lights would run for 6 hours and then automatically shut off. This would avoid running down the battery unnecessarily in the middle of the night. We’ve seen this implemented with a single button on some outdoor lighting devices, such that the 6 hours starts at the moment the button is pressed, and repeats every day afterwards.

The Vont Solar Spotlight 2-Pack is available for $26 from Amazon, as our latest update. As always, if you’re looking for guidance picking out the best Smart Home gear in every product category, see our Smart Home Buyer’s Guide, updated on a regular basis.

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