Computer Case Reviews


We've been through a whole lot of cases here at The Tech Buyer's Guru, from the smallest ITX models to big ATX towers, and we've come to appreciate some of the things that make a case worth investing in. Given that a case is probably one of the components you'll keep the longest, it makes sense to buy one that you'll be happy building in and living with for a long time to come.

All that being said, there are certainly reasons to upgrade your decade-old case to a new model! For one thing newer cases feature the latest interfaces, like USB 3.0, and also do a better job of supporting liquid cooling systems. They also allow for much better management of cable clutter, so you can decrease temperatures and noise without changing anything else in your system.

In the most modern of cases, you'll find truly-modular drive mounting system, which allow you remove one of the last remaining obstructions to airflow in a case, thereby enhancing thermal properties without resorting to a large number of noisy, high-speed fans. These cases typically come at a higher cost, so we'll continue to review budget-oriented cases that offer excellent value even if their designs are not quite as ground-breaking.