SilverStone Sugo 14 (SG14) Mini-ITX Case Review

By Ari Altman | Published September 21, 2020 | Updated September 21, 2020


Unbeatable performance; multiple configuration options; fair price


Mounting multiple radiators is a pain


5 out of 5 stars


Since 2013, we’ve reviewed over three dozen cases, including many of the most popular, best-selling mini-ITX cases ever released. And among the great pioneers in the ITX market is without a doubt SilverStone, which has released more mini-ITX cases than any other manufacturer. In fact, this is our tenth review of a SilverStone ITX case, and we’ve only scratched the surface of SilverStone’s ITX product catalog! With its new SG14, which we’re reviewing here, SilverStone pushes the limits, creating a sub-20-liter case that can fit all the highest-end gear you could imagine! But what’s it like to use and how does it perform? That’s what we aim to find out!

Special thanks to SilverStone for providing us a sample of the SilverStone SUGO 14 Mini-ITX Chassis.

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SilverStone’s SG14 is a sign of great things to come, and just like its smaller cousin the SG13, we expect it to be around for a very long time, setting the standard for what a sub-20-liter case can do. We highly recommend it to anyone looking to build an ultra-high-end Small Form Factor PC, whether for gaming or content creation. While it’s not quite as easy to build in as a typical mid-tower, it’s far better than most ITX cases that aspire to high performance, and at about half the price of many boutique offerings, it’s a true value.

We expect to see the SilverStone SUGO 14 Mini-ITX Chassis available for $109.99 from Amazon soon, after the initial production run sold out immediately. It will definitely be taking up residence in one of the high-end SFF systems we feature in our DIY PC Build Guides!

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