Sliger S620 Mini-ITX Case Review

By Ari Altman | Published February 8, 2021 | Updated February 8, 2021


Great looks; high level of craftmanship; exceptional performance


Expensive; installation of 280mm coolers is very difficult; side panel should be fully vented; no manual


5 out of 5 stars


Since 2013, we’ve reviewed over 40 PC cases, including many of the most popular, best-selling mini-ITX cases ever released. We’ve also seen the evolution of this market as one where a few big names produced a handful of new models each year, to a very vibrant ecosystem where dozens of boutique manufacturers release multiple new models each year. That’s where US-based Sliger comes into play, having entered the SFF case market a few years ago. In a relatively short time, it has released a dozen SFF cases, all under 25 liters. It wasn’t long ago that most “SFF” cases were over 25 liters, which just goes to show what a big impact smaller names have had.

With the S620, being reviewed here, Sliger takes what it has learned from many of its more unusual offerings, and distilled it down to a case that is designed around performance first. That means that at 16.3 liters, it’s not amazingly small, and the layout isn’t spiffed up with riser cards and complex internal structures. Instead, this is high-end ITX done right for 2021, which means compatibility with the highest-performance components. If you are planning on using a 5-year-old quad-core CPU and GTX 1080 in your system, well, you don’t need this case, but if your GPU is cranking out 250-350W, and your CPU is drawing 150+ Watts, well, it’s a whole different ball game.

But what’s it like to build in the S620 and how does it perform? That’s what we aim to find out, and we’ll be comparing it directly to the very similar SG14, in which we tested nearly identical cooling options. Which one is going to win out?

Special thanks to Sliger for providing us a sample of the S620 Mini-ITX Chassis.

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The S620 is not cheap, and it is not necessarily reinventing the wheel (or would that be the box?!?) in any way, but it is everything a high-end SFF builder could want. It uses every bit of its space effectively, while providing multiple cooling options, and it is built to a level of craftmanship that you simply will never see in a $100 case. It’s also highly customizable, with various colors, accessories, and options available at the time of purchase. Oh, and it’s made in the USA. Does any of this matter to you? Not if you want to spend $100 and no more on an ITX case. But if you’re willing to spend $250 to get something that is 99% of what you want, rather 90% of what you want, perhaps it’s worth it. And if you’re spending top dollar on all your other components, wouldn’t you want to be that much closer to perfection?!?

The Sliger S620 is available for $249 shipped free within the US, and all Sliger sales are done direct, built-to-order, from the Sliger website.

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