Corsair iCUE 465X Mid-Tower ATX Case Review

By Ari Altman | Published February 6, 2020 | Updated February 6, 2020


Eye-catching glass panels; three gorgeous LL120 fans included; very good thermal and acoustic performance


Other than the light and glass, offers the experience of using a much cheaper case


4 out of 5 stars


Since 2013, we’ve reviewed over 30 cases, and among our favorite cases ever was the Corsair Carbide 500R, which we reviewed in 2014. Corsair has evolved a lot since then, but so has the entire PC case market, and in late 2019, it released its latest entry in the “light and glass” style, the iCUE 465X Smart Case. Corsair is now using its iCUE software as branding for its cases, indicating that it’s leveraging this comprehensive PC control software suite as a way to differentiate its cases from what other manufacturers can offer. In short, they’re marketing a “whole system” experience, with RAM, coolers, cases, peripherals, and even some high-end power supplies all being controlled by iCUE! Ultimately, though, cases still need to stand on their own merits, and that’s how we’ll be judging the 465X in this review.

Special thanks to Corsair for providing us a sample of the iCUE 465X ATX Mid-Tower Smart Case in White.

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Corsair is certainly “on trend” with the 465X, offering up a stylish system with plenty of RGB, powered by the included iCUE Lighting Node CORE control module. If you’re already onboard the iCUE train or would like to be, that’s reason enough to pick up the case. You also get dual glass panels, plus very decent airflow for a case with a solid panel in front. The one fly in the ointment is the price, but that comes along with using Corsair’s expensive lighting system. If you like it, the price is worth it, whereas if you don’t want that lighting, don’t pay for it!

The Corsair iCUE 465X ATX Mid-Tower Smart Case in White is available for $139.99 as of our latest update.

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