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Welcome to The Tech Buyer's Guru!

Your source for buyer's guidesreviews, and how-to guides on all the latest PC-related products!

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Our Latest Buyer's Guides:  
Video Card Buyer's Guide 
Video Card Buyer's Guide
Published June 27, 2015

With AMD and Nvidia releasing their latest and greatest for the summer, we bring you the top picks at every price point!
Laptop Buyer's Guide
Laptop Buyer's Guide
Published June 22, 2015

Check out all the best models for Summer 2015, including the latest from HP, Asus, and Apple, in our updated guide.
Monitor Buyer's Guide
Monitor Buyer's Guide
Published May 27, 2015

Get caught up on the latest in monitor tech, from ultra-wide to 4K to G-Sync, and everything in between!

Our Latest Product of the Month Reviews

NZXT S340 Review

Published May 20, 2015

With space for plenty of top-end gear, an ultra-sleek look, and compact dimensions, could the S340 be the perfect ATX case?
Noctua NH-L9x65
Noctua NH-L9x65 CPU

Published April 21, 2015

Looking for the ultimate low-profile cooler for your ultra-compact PC? Noctua's newest release may be the one you've been waiting for!
HP Envy 24

Published March 12, 2015

Need an ultra-sleek monitor to show off your sweet new kitchen or living room PC? The Envy 24 may just be the one for you!

Our Latest How-To Guides
We've added a new case option to this build, giving you two different form factors with nearly identical volumes - both small of course!
The Intel NUC
PC Build

Published June 11, 2015

Need an ultra-small and ultra-quick PC to use in your kitchen or living room? This little wonder from Intel is the one you want!
Mid-Range Builder's Guide
Here's your step-by-step guide to building a mainstream PC, complete with a tower-style CPU cooler and powerful video card.

Hot Deals! The TBG Blog - Updated Daily

In the newly expanded TBG Blog, we bring you news on the latest product releases, commentary on the state of technology as we see it, and a wide range of product promotions, including special sale items and closeouts. And rest assured, we only post deals on products we've either tested ourselves or researched carefully, and we'll only link to stores we trust.

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