Welcome to The Tech Buyer's Guru, where you'll find hands-on, hard-hitting advice on a wide range of technology products. I founded The Tech Buyer's Guru to make buying PC-related technology a whole lot easier, and have recently expanded into the smart home arena. There's no shortage of information out there, but sorting through all the noise can be frustrating and time-consuming. The Tech Buyer's Guru gives you all the answers you need in a clear, concise manner, based on extensive product research and testing.

Ari Altman (Founder of the Tech Buyer's Guru)

Reader Testimonials

Since The Tech Buyer's Guru first launched in March 2013, thousands of TBG readers from around the world have purchased PCs and PC-related products informed by TBG's how-to guides and buyer's guides. Here's just a small sampling of the positive feedback we've received!

Part of the fun [of publishing my TBG experience] is just being able to share the joy I had building my first pc, but I also truly hope that people will feel inspired and encouraged to do this as well. There must be a ton of aspiring pc builders out there who think this is simply too hard and will just go buy an off the shelf product. DIY is so much more rewarding!!

Roel from Overijse, Belgium, Jan. 2016

After a decade of buying pre-built laptops and computers... I grew tired of paying premium prices for computers that couldn't push all my favorite games to their full potential. I decided ... that I would learn to build my own gaming PC.... Thankfully I found The Tech Buyer's Guru's ... which made it straightforward and simple to buy all the parts I would need for amazing performance while gaming at 1080p. This saved me loads of time researching what CPUs and GPUs are compatible with which motherboards, etc. From building the desktop to overclocking the GPU and CPU, Ari was extremely helpful with quick, informative responses. 

Allan from Toronto, Ontario, Jan. 2016

I ran across your website late Friday afternoon (12/11/2015), it's Monday morning, and I've more or less read the entire thing. It's freaking awesome! You present (accurate) information that's really well summarized. Concise and beautiful! Anyway, thank you for such an awesome site! I hope it grows exponentially!

David from Virginia, Dec. 2015