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Ari Altman (Founder of the Tech Buyer's Guru)

Reader Testimonials

Over the past two years, thousands of TBG readers have purchased PCs and PC-related accessories based on our recommendations. Here's just a small sampling of the positive feedback we've received!

The Tech Buyer's Guru was most helpful from inception to completion with the construction of my new HTPC. The last one I built was in 2007 so needless to say much has changed. Ari provided tips and suggestions ranging from hardware and software selections to clearing frustrating final setup bugs.


This was the first computer I've ever built, and I found TBG to be a great resource. I used the $500 Build, and upgraded in all the places recommended. I also found the building guide very helpful, and with its help building my rig was a snap. I built it because my wife was going to start working from home some, and we only had an older MacBook that she didn't want to use. I added all the extra parts because I wanted to play some games! I ran into one configuration issue, and posted to the TBG User Forum. Within minutes, Ari responded and then spent the next three days helping me solve the issue. He certainly went above and beyond, and I'm certainly fortunate to have stumbled upon TBG!