Does RAM Speed Matter? DDR4-3200 vs. 3600 and 4000

By Ari Altman | Published February 24, 2020 | Updated February 24, 2020


Back in 2014, we ran an article that still gets hits today, comparing DDR3 speeds, specifically 1600, 1866, 2133, and 2400. Then in 2016, we followed that up with a look at the new generation of DDR4 kits, focusing in 2133, 2666, and 3200. Well, six years has past since that first article, and it’s time to bring it all back around to the year 2020! So without further ado, here’s another look at whether RAM speed matters, featuring three great DDR4 kits from Corsair and Patriot:

Special thanks to Corsair and Patriot for providing these review samples!

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