Here at The Tech Buyer's Guru, we've reviewed more PC cases than any other category of product, and we've reviewed more SilverStone cases than any other brand of cases. While they haven't all been perfect, there's no doubt SilverStone always pushes the boundaries of what we can expect in a PC case. So we're happy to offer a video preview of the new SilverStone PM02 ATX case.

The PM02 is the second all-new model in SilverStone's daring "Primera" line. We reviewed both the original PM01 and the follow-up PM01-RGB, which both certainly appealed to gamers with their racy styling and flashy lights, but the PM02 is clearly aimed at a slightly different audience. With its tempered glass side panel, classy perforated steel front panel, and compact dimensions, it's designed for builders who want a high-performance PC that would be equally at home in a gaming den or a corporate office.

Special thanks to SilverStone for providing this review sample hot off the assembly line!

The Preview!

You can view our YouTube preview below:

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