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By Ari Altman | Published August 2, 2022 | Updated August 2, 2022

Introduction to the TBG PC Build Guides

Welcome to TBG’s DIY PC Build Guides! This is where you’ll find all the best PC builds on the ‘net, from ultra-compact home office PCs to screaming-fast gaming towers. In total, we offer 24 distinct DIY PC Build guides, constantly updated with the latest and greatest components.

While we know our readers stumble upon a lot of other sites during their research, what we do is completely different: we professionally curate every build based on relationships we have with dozens of manufacturers and our constant testing of the latest products. That means our PC Builds are the most up-to-date, best-performing builds you’ll find anywhere, period.

The August 2022 Updates

After well over a year of inflated prices and terrible availability due to the longest cryptocurrency mining craze in history, the GPU market has finally come back to reality. It’s now easy to buy any GPU, any day of the week, at very tempting prices. Indeed, GPU prices have dropped over 50% so far this year, and many are now below MSRP, which would have been hard to imagine six months ago. The one catch is that each GPU model is subject to varying supply and demand constraints, which means depending on the month, some GPUs may drop in price by a lot, while others mysteriously rise in price. That’s why we reconfigure our builds every month to ensure you get the best deals at each price point. Some of the standout deals this month are on AMD’s Radeon 6600 in the budget category, the Radeon RX 6700 XT, RX 6800 XT, and GeForce RTX 3080 at the high-end, and the mighty Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, 3090 and 3090 Ti for ultra-high-end rigs.

Once you factor in the compelling prices on Intel’s groundbreaking 12th-Gen Alder Lake CPUs, it’s most definitely a great time to be building a PC! We’re a bit surprised AMD didn’t counter Intel sooner. We think the underdog got a bit too confident after sweeping past the 10th- and 11th-Gen CPUs from Intel, but now it’s definitely playing catchup. Shockingly, we recommend AMD in just 10% of our builds, down from nearly 100% of our builds last summer. What a difference a year makes!

But take note: new gear is coming, and you may wonder whether it’s better to wait. Here’s what we know so far: Intel is set to raise prices on its next-gen CPUs coming later this year, and given that they’ll be based on the same Alder Lake architecture (but with a new name: Raptor Lake), it definitely makes sense to build now if you’re ready for a new PC! As for GPUs, rumors are flying that Nvidia will launch something new in October, but it will likely be one halo product, at a high price, in low quantities. So for most people, it won’t be relevant, but for ultra-high-end builders, we are now recommending EVGA GeForce cards due to EVGA’s generous 90-day “Step-Up” policy, which might just let you nab a new “RTX 4090” later this year while gaming today on something that’s still plenty fast!

Using the TBG PC Build Guides

Whether it’s your first, tenth, or hundredth time building a PC, these guides will set you up with the best components you can buy. To find the right PC for you, feel free to browse all of the options below, or alternatively choose specific criteria from our filter browser below, which will display just the builds that meet your needs. You can then click on the “View Specs” button to see a quick view of prices, parts, and dimensions, or click the “View Guide” button to jump straight to the full Build Guide for that build. Happy hunting, and good luck with whichever build you choose!

Our DIY PC Build Guides are updated monthly, and sometimes daily, to ensure you get the most up-to-date info. If you appreciate the work we do on these, don’t forget to use our Amazon and Newegg links to support continued publication of these guides. And if you’re specifically interested in Small Form Factor PCs, definitely check out our monthly guide to the Small Form Factor PC Market as well.

We’d like to express special thanks to SilverStone Technology Co., which sponsors the TBG PC Build Guides. Founded in 2003, SilverStone has made major contributions to PC case design, small form factor PC development, and power supply innovation!


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