Cheap; small; robust software suite


No scheduling means your entire home life is shared with Ring; no free recording

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We've tested a huge range of indoor security cameras over the years, from the no-name knock-offs that got the entire market started, to the fancy offerings from big-name manufacturers like Logitech, to models from startups who took make-or-break bets on the quickly-expanding Smart Home market (and lost), like MyFox. But of all the brands we've reviewed, one clearly had the biggest and boldest vision for next-generation DIY security, and that was Ring. We've sampled nearly every product the company has ever produced, and while only one has made it onto TBG, we actually use a fleet of Ring devices every day to protect our home.

For that reason, we were excited to see what Ring had to offer with its new Indoor Cam, which was its very first camera designed exclusively for indoor use. That allowed for two massive changes: a drop in price and a drop in size. Is this the little engine that could, or the runt of the litter? You'll find out soon enough! 

The Review

To cover all that the Ring Indoor Cam has to offer, we've put together a full video review, which you can see below:

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Ring has broken new ground on price, and that's certainly something to be applauded, but otherwise, we're none to impressed with the Indoor Cam. It's so light that it won't stay in place on a tabletop, its field of view is painfully narrow for a security camera, and most disappointingly, there's no way to have it only record at certain times of the day. From our point of view, this disqualifies any camera from being used indoors. Plenty of other companies have figured out how to build this feature into their software; surely, Ring has the know-how to do so as well, but clearly they don't have an interest in advancing privacy within the home. For that reason, and the significant cost of the recording package ($3/month per camera), we'd give this camera a pass.

If you're looking for a great indoor security camera that offers a scheduling function, a free video recording package, and a cost similar to the Indoor Cam, go with TP-Link's Kasa Cam, which we reviewed here.

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