If there's one market that every PC manufacturer is jumping into, it's peripherals. Asus, Gigabyte, Dell, HP, and Lenovo are all getting into the game, but for serious enthusiasts, there are a few household names that will probably continue to be the go-to vendors of aftermarket peripherals. We chatted with five of the biggest names in peripherals to see what's up heading into the 2017 holiday season!


The big new launch from HyperX was a follow-up to its hugely-popular Cloud headset, called the Cloud Alpha, available for pre-order from Amazon at the $100 pricepoint. It improves upon the original in countless ways, and you'll hear all about it in this video.


Last year, we profiled a number of new peripheral releases from CoolerMaster, and the company seemingly hasn't taken a day off since then, with a huge new lineup this year. In the video below, you'll hear about the MM520 and MM530 twins, both RGB-lit, PixArt 3360-powered gaming mice retailing for $49.99, differing only with regard to grip shape. You'll also see the new MS120 "memchanical" keyboard, featuring clicky mechanical switches on a membrane base, retailing for $89.99. And finally, you'll see the reveal of a working prototype of the new flagship MK750 mechanical keyboard, the very first time it's ever been shown publicly. It's expected to arrive in late-Fall for around $160. Learn more about all of these products in this video.

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