Amazing sound quality; amazing comfort; amazing battery life


High price; control layout and functionality needs improvement

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One of the biggest gaming product announcements coming out of CES 2018 was the release of HyperX's new Cloud Flight, its first wireless headset. HyperX has developed a huge and devoted following with its Cloud series of headsets, with the Cloud Stinger released in September 2016 (and reviewed right here at TBG) becoming an instant favorite at the $50 pricepoint, and the Cloud Alpha, released in September 2017, building on the tradition of the original Cloud and proving to be the perfect headset for competitive gamers.

With this history of home runs in mind, we had high expectations for the Cloud Flight. After all, HyperX doesn't release products unless it's sure they will be winners, so this one was going to be a winner, right? Well, a wireless headset is a completely different beast from a wired kit, as it requires a built-in battery as well as a wireless transmitter capable of interference-free connectivity. Getting all of this gear into a headset while maintaining the audio quality and light-weight comfort that HyperX is known for would be no no simple task. Check out our YouTube video review to see whether HyperX got it right!

Special thanks to HyperX for providing a sample of the Cloud Flight to us during our visit to their booth at CES 2018!


The Cloud Flight offers unbeatable audio quality, comfort, and battery life among mainstream wireless gaming headsets, which instantly vaults it to the top of the heap. That being said, we think HyperX may have some work to do in terms of improving wireless ergonomics and controls. We were disappointed that the on/off button and the volume control were on different earcups, and particularly that the volume was on the right side. This is a problem for gamers who want to keep their hand on their mouse mid-game while adjusting volume. Additionally, HyperX absolutely needs to separate the LED control from the on/off button, so that the headset can default to LEDs being off when the headset is turned on. Otherwise, the claim of 30 hours of battery life just isn't all that accurate, because without users manually shutting the LEDs off every time, it will drop to 13 hours.

Overall, those are minor design oversights in a headset that otherwise performs spectacularly. Therefore, the Cloud Flight will be featured in the next quarterly update to our Speaker/Headset Buyer's Guide, earning a spot as our top pick for a wireless gaming headset! You can order yours for $159.99 from Amazon.