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AudiAddict joined the TBG Forum to learn more about building his own compact gaming PC. After confirming that he was sourcing the right components available in Europe, he built his machine and posted plenty of photos and tips for TBG readers to learn from. Here's his story!


Built: March 2019 

First, here are the specs of his system:

And here are the parts upon arrival, ready for assembly:


Some important remarks for other people using this build:
- The CPU cooler really needs the NA-SRC7 low noise adapters. Without these it's too loud and almost annoying.
- Don't forget to install the M.2 SSD memory right away. Neither can be be put into the motherboard once the CPU cooler is mounted. 
- I would leave out the backplate when using the gigabyte motherboard. Just use some plastic/nylon spacers. There is a risk of short circuit with the soldering pins when using the metal. See photo below for the spacers I used:


- The cpu heatsink can be mounted in many directions as mentioned. Make sure to mount that it sticks out to the right, as in the photo below:


- I would try to see if you can mount the heatsink of the CPU cooler after the motherboard is in the case and that all wires are connected. It took me massive effort and help of my girlfriend (tiny hands) to connect the power button, reset switch etc. It was very hard to reach. The cooler brackets must still be mounted beforehand, though, as in photo below:

cooler mount

- Make sure the CPU and Case fan are in the right direction - the fan hub is the intake side, the fan frame is the exhaust side.
- The CPU fan should be mounted on the bottom of the heatsink and not the top. Notice the limited space between the memory and the fan. It's all very "tight", haha! 
- There is a bracket near the PSU that you need to remove first (it looks like a 2.5" bay) before installing the SFX PSU.
- It will require some time to carefully "organize" the cables. I was sure that nothing touched and I used tie-wraps to "clean up".


Oh.. last but not least: Be patient and take your time... there is limited space in this case and it took me longer than expected :) But it was well worth the wait!!