The $1,000 Build

Important Update: This build now features AMD's amazing Ryzen 5 1600 six-core CPU and RX 580 8GB GPU!

Looking for the best PC you can buy for $1,000? You just found it! This guide will set you up with a system that provides excellent performance, quiet operation, and ease of building, all at a great price. That makes it what we consider to be the ideal mid-range PC. And take note: this system can be equipped for productivity, gaming, or both - just follow our tips to set it up to suit your needs.

We've made a huge mid-month change to this build for April 2017, coming hot on the heels of AMD's latest CPU release. Its Ryzen 5 1600 is so vastly superior to what Intel has to offer that there's no reason for anyone to consider Intel's products in the same price range. The Ryzen 5 offers six physical cores plus six virtual cores running at 3.2GHz with Turbo to 3.6GHz. In the graphics department, we're now going with the brand-new Radeon RX 580 8GB, which had dropped in price dramatically over the past few months, making it the clear pick in the mainstream segment versus the more expensive GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. And thanks to significant driver improvements, it's not just cheaper, it's faster too. Finally, to provide a smooth gaming and all-around computing experience, we recommend you equip this system with a single 525GB solid-state M.2 drive, which will load games and the operating system at least twice as fast as the average hard drive, while installing in a snap!

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The $1,000 Gaming / Productivity PC - April 2017


    AMD Ryzen 5 1600

    It was only a matter of time before Intel's reign in the mid-priced segment would end, and that time has come. AMD is now offering so much more at the $220 pricepoint with the Ryzen 5 line than Intel does with its Core i5 that there's simply no question which processor consumers should be choosing. The new Ryzen 5 1600, released on April 11th, offers six physical cores plus six virtual cores, running at 3.2GHz, with Turbo to 3.6GHz. That's 12 threads versus the 4 threads Intel can muster at this price. The Ryzen also includes the excellent AMD Wraith Spire heatsink right in the box, which is far more capable than anything Intel offers. That means you really don't need an aftermarket cooler for this system.

    The Guru's Tip:

    You may see gaming benchmarks suggesting that the Ryzen is only the equal of the Core i5 lineup, and that's true when it comes to gaming. But for everything else, it's far superior, and in the long run, its vastly greater amount of processing power will allow it to pull ahead in gaming as well.


    Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming AM4

    You get a lot for your money with this board. Being based on the B350 chipset, you have overclocking support for the Ryzen 5, which is an amazing concept at this pricepoint. You also get such cutting-edge features as an M.2 SSD slot (which you'll be using for this build) and USB 3.1 ports (of both the Gen 1 and fastest Gen 2 variety).

    The Guru's Tip:

    We've tested a lot of mid-priced boards lately, and we think Gigabyte always offers the most bang-for-the-buck!

    Video Card:

    MSI Radeon RX 580 8GB Armor

    These are fantastic times for mid-range gamers. Thanks to fierce competition between AMD and Nvidia right around the $250 pricepoint, consumers have choices, and right now, we think the very best choice is the RX 580 8GB from MSI, released April 18th. It offers a 75MHz boost over the older RX 480 at the same price, and more importantly, easily beats its competitor, the GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. Not only is it faster, but it also has an extra 2GB of VRAM and the superior DX12 performance. That makes the RX 580 our top choice in this price range!

    The Guru's Tip:

    The RX 580 is available in very limited quantities as of our latest update, and has not yet been listed for sale outside the US. Note that if you need a video card solely for accelerating Adobe applications, get the compact, ultra-efficient Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 2GB... you'll save nearly $150 in the process!


    Kingston HyperX 2x4GB DDR4-2666 Black

    This 2x4GB DDR4-2666 kit offers a nice performance boost over standard DDR4-2133, and we've made sure it's on Gigabyte's Memory Support List. That means you're guaranteed that it will work at its rated speed on the AM4 platform, which not all memory kits can!

    The Guru's Tip:

    While 8GB of RAM is enough for just about any typical productivity or gaming task, 16GB will provide benefits for high-resolution photo and video editing, and can also provide additional smoothness during extreme multi-tasking. If that sounds like what you're looking for, just jump up to HyperX's 2x8GB DDR4-2666 kit, which also appears on Gigabyte's Memory Support List.

    Solid-State Drive:

    Crucial MX300 525GB M.2

    Taking advantage of the latest form factor in the solid-state market, this M.2 drive will slot right into your motherboard, meaning you don't need to run data or power cables to your drive. This in turn provides a cleaner interior and eliminates potential physical failure points. And among the few reasonably-priced drives out there, Crucial's MX300 is the very best, offering more speed and more capacity than its competitors. One quick note: you'll need a jeweler's type screwdriver to affix the M.2 screw.

    The Guru's Tip:

    Need more storage space? Simply add the affordable Western Digital 1TB Blue Hard Drive to your build.


    Corsair Carbide 100R Silent Edition

    Corsair combined all the best features of its entry-level and mid-range cases to create the cost-effective 100R Silent Edition. It has smart, subdued styling, a builder-friendly interior layout, and two quiet-running 120mm cooling fans. It's a perfect match for an ultra-efficient build like this one.

    The Guru's Tip:


    Want a little more bling for your build? Then go for the sweet SilverStone RL05. It features two 140mm red LED fans up front to light up the case and provide fantastic cooling, all at an amazing price!

    Power Supply:

    EVGA 500B

    The 500B offers top-notch quality, Bronze-rated efficiency, and a 3-year warranty, along with the best customer service in the industry. And with 500W of power on tap, it has plenty of headroom to keep this system going for years, even with significant upgrades, including more powerful video cards.

    The Guru's Tip:

    As configured, this system will only require about 200W, well under the peak capacity of this power supply.

    Optical Drive:

    LG 24x DVD Burner GH24NSC0B

    Well-priced and from a respected manufacturer, this internal drive is the perfect model to use for software installs or data backups.

    The Guru's Tip:

    Including a DVD drive is what allows you to use the discounted DVD version of Windows 10.

    Operating System:

    Microsoft Windows 10

    There's no doubt about it: Windows 10 is a big step beyond Windows 8 in terms of both usability and features. And the good news is that Microsoft keeps pushing out updates to Windows 10 that make it even better!

    The Guru's Tip:

    The biggest improvement W10 brings for gamers is DirectX 12, which allows game designers to create significantly more complex, detailed game engines. Examples include Rise of the Tomb Raider and Gears of War 4, the latter which cannot be played on any operating system but Windows 10!