Unique, eye-catching design; great access to interior; flexible cooling layout


Thermal performance is only mediocre; expensive

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We always start our case reviews by noting how many cases we've reviewed here on TBG, and with this review we're up to 27. Gluttons for punishment, perhaps, given how much time it takes to review cases, but PCs are ultimately defined by the cases they use, so it's a component that can make or break the PC experience. Because we've seen so many, we have a pretty good sense of what makes a great case, and where the rest of PC cases fall behind.

That's why we're so excited to be the very first review outlet in the world to get our hands on SilverStone's newest ITX case, the LD03. It's been a long, long time since SilverStone has released an all-new high-end ITX case, and the LD03 builds on everything that SilverStone has incorporated into previous models, while adding features and design elements that have never been seen before in the ITX world. The LD03 is truly new from the ground up, which means it has the potential to redefine the small form factor gaming segment. And at 25 liters, it does indeed just make our cutoff for a true SFF design.

Because this is such an important new release, we rolled it out in two stages. First we provided a video preview within three days of receiving the case, which you'll see below, and then we completed our complete performance review, which is provided on the next page.

Special thanks to SilverStone for providing us a sample of the SilverStone LD03 Glass Mini-ITX Case featured in this review.

Description and Features

The LD03 is part of SilverStone's Lucid series, which denotes an emphasis on light and glass. While it doesn't have any built-in lighting, its three tempered glass panels certainly provide a great showcase for anything you'd like to install in the case. And while it's not tiny, at 10.43" wide, 16.3" tall, and 9.06" deep, this vertical tower has a desk-friendly footprint. Even better, at 25.2 liters, it just makes our cutoff of 25 liters for true small form factor status (OK, we'll admit, we had to round down there, but it was soooo close!).

To give you a better sense of the LD03's unique layout and features, we put together a preview video before we jumped into the build process. Here it is:

Test Setup

We like to keep our builds as modern as possible, and here's the build list for our upcoming LD03 full review:

Turn to the next page to see what it was like to install this gear in the case, and how the LD03 handled the heat of some seriously high-powered components!

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