Beautiful industrial design; excellent Lightspeed wireless system; ultra-responsive switches


Flat, smooth keycaps aren't ideal for gaming; GHub software suite is buggy; expensive

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We’ve reviewed a whole lot of gaming keyboards over the years, and Corsair basically introduced the concept of mechanical switches to the gaming market back in 2014 with its legendary K70. The K70 has been re-issued in various versions, and is still a benchmark (and among our favorite keyboards ever). But it's still pretty expensive, which is where the new K60 comes in. Stripped of some features like dedicated media keys, a USB pass-through, and a broad away of switch options, the K60 keeps one thing that set the K70 apart: the aluminum faceplate. This feature alone makes it stand out from the pack, and the sub-$100 starting price is the other big factor. But what's underneath is what's really different: Cherry's new Viola mechanical switches, designed from the ground up to be less expensive than Cherry's own MX switches, and to match hybrid switches, which emulate a mechanical feel without being the real deal, in price.

So, is the K60 a home run? You'll find out in the video below!

Description, Features & Performance


Simply put, the K60 is a solid keyboard, it's not going to be repladcing our K70 anytime soon. We also think that the market is going the way of low-profile switches, so unless you absolutely know you want the taller PBT DoubleShot keycaps of the SE model we tested, go for the K60 Low Profile.

K60 RGB Pro SE featured in this review is a North America/Best Buy exclusive. It comes in at an MSRP of $100. You can also go for the baseline model, the K60 RGB Pro for $90, or the one we'd have tested if we were to do it all over again, the K60 RGB Pro Low Profile for $110. Note that only the Pro SE includes the magnetic wrist rest shown in our review.