SilverStone Primera PM02 ATX Case Review

By Ari Altman | Published January 30, 2018 | Updated January 30, 2018


Classy, original aesthetic design; extremely compact; compatibility with large air coolers and 240mm liquid coolers


Far too expensive; fans are of only average quality; lacks the premium features and materials of its competitors


3.5 out of 5 stars


Here at The Tech Buyer’s Guru, we’ve reviewed more PC cases than any other category of product, and we’ve reviewed more SilverStone cases than any other brand of cases. So you could say we have a pretty good baseline for what to expect of a modern PC case.

The Primera PM02 reviewed here is the second all-new model in SilverStone’s innovative “Primera” line. We reviewed both the original PM01 and the follow-up PM01-RGB, which both appealed to gamers with their racy styling and flashy lights, and really set a new standard for the type of performance and features enthusiasts could expect from cases at their pricepoints. SilverStone has done a bit of a u-turn with the PM02, which is clearly aimed at a different target audience. With its tempered glass side panel, classy perforated steel front panel, and compact dimensions, it’s designed for builders who want a high-performance PC that would be equally at home in a gaming den or a corporate office.

There’s no doubt SilverStone always pushes the boundaries of what we can expect in a PC case. We’re therefore happy to offer this complete video review of the new SilverStone PM02 ATX case.

Description and Features

In our initial preview of the case, we covered the basic description and features of the case, which you can see here:

Aesthetic Design, Assembly & Performance

In the next video, we provide a deep dive into what it’s actually like to build in and use the PM02:


Overall, we really appreciate the classy and original aesthetics of this case, as well as its compatibility with a wide range of high-end components despite an extremely compact footprint. The problem comes down to quality, features, and price, and more importantly, the balance of the three. We feel SilverStone has simply missed the mark set by its competitors in the current case market. A few years ago, perhaps this case could have been marketed at $140, but today, it’s just  too expensive. It needs better (and perhaps fewer) fans, a fan hub, and a more premium feel to justify its high price tag.

The SilverStone Primera PM02 ATX Case is available for $139.99 shipped from Amazon in black with red accents or white with black accents, as of our publication date.

Have thoughts or comments you’d like to share? Post them directly on YouTube and we’ll be sure to respond. We’ll be updating this page with a full review and rating just as soon as we have our test system built up in the case!​

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