Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE Gaming Headset Review

By Ari Altman | Published October 20, 2018 | Updated October 20, 2018


Fantastic looks; premium materials; good battery life; above-average comfort


Very heavy; boomy mic; weak surround; some usability issues


4 out of 5 stars


Corsair entered the headset market a decade ago, but a lot has changed since then, with headsets now representing a multi-billion dollar market. Dozens of companies have appeared out of nowhere offering up expensive headsets to the masses, many of them being sold primarily based on looks. What’s a gaming-centric company to do? Offer the best of both worlds, of course!

Enter the Virtuoso lineup, which teams up gaming-grade audio with the all-metal construction, premium feel, and sleek looks of its audio market competitors. Is it at least the sum of its parts? We’ll tell you in our review below!

Special thanks to Corsair for providing a sample of the Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE Headset for review in time for launch day!

Description, Features, and Performance

To cover all that the Virtuoso RGB Wireless has to offer, we’ve put together a full video review of the headset, which you can see below:

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The Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE provides jaw-dropping good looks, setting a new standard for a gaming-grade headset that will be very hard for its competitors to match. The build quality is also top notch, which means it feels solid and stays put on your head; none of the creaks and groans of lesser plastic-heavy models. It also offered up excellent stereo sound in gaming, easily the best we’ve experienced, and laudable 20-hour battery life.

But with all that said, there are still a few areas where Corsair should try to improve the Virtuoso. First is weight. It’s heavy – in fact, it’s the heaviest headset we’ve ever tested. Second, the surround sound implementation is weak, plain and simple. Corsair likely needs to license some real surround tech from DTS or Dolby. Finally, there were some usability issues and design quirks that we think should have been ironed out before it hit the market. There’s always next time, right?

Still, the Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE offers a combination of quality and aesthetics that simply can’t be matched by any other gaming headset. For that reason, we think it’s a good choice for those looking for one headset to rule them all, whether at home gaming or on the town. The Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE Headset is available for $210 shipped from Amazon, as of our publication date. While we didn’t test it, our hunch is that the standard Virtuoso RGB Wireless, which comes in at $180 on Amazon, is a better overall buy unless you really want the SE’s carry case and slick metal earcups.

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