CES 2020 Predictions: PC Component Releases from AMD, Nvidia, Intel and Others!

By Ari Altman | Published January 3, 2020 | Updated January 3, 2020


For the fifth year running, The Tech Buyer’s Guru will be attending CES in Las Vegas this year, January 6th through 8th. But it’s not the same show it was five years ago – things have changed a lot during that time! So many new categories of tech have emerged, from AI to 8K to Drones, and most important, cars!!! While cars were a big deal in 2016, they are a huge deal at CES 2020!

In fact, the two biggest names in the PC market, namely Nvidia and Intel, have entirely abandoned their PC-centric booths to showcase some of their niche products in the automotive pavilion. Oh how times have changed! And many other big names in the PC component business have decided to leave the main showfloor, instead decamping to hotel suites on the outskirts of the show. It’s a bit sad that PC tech isn’t all that mainstream anymore, but if it still gets you fired up, no worries – we’ll be hunting it down far and wide at CES to bring you the freshest news.

Let’s Have Some Fun!

So, with that background, let’s get into all of our predictions for big PC product releases at CES 2020:

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