About Us


The Tech Buyer's Guru, LLC was founded by Ari Altman in March 2013 to provide a unique viewpoint in on the latest trends in the tech industry. There were lots of tech review sites out there, but none that presented tech in a straight-forward manner designed to help consumers of any experience level easily make informed purchasing decisions. There had to be a way to make buying PCs and other tech-related products a whole lot easier, and so TBG was born! Since then, TBG has been providing hard-hitting, honest advice on a wide variety of PC and consumer electronics products.

The Tech Buyer's Guru combines Ari's passion for teaching science (gained in the tough proving grounds of a Manhattan high school!), his attention to detail developed after eight years in the practice of law, and his interest in all things tech. Ari hopes you come away from TBG feeling positively informed, with all the background you need to make your next tech purchase a satisfying one! TBG is based in Portland, Oregon, but caters to readers and companies all over the world!

In 2018, The Tech Buyer's Guru beyond Internet publishing, providing consulting services in a wide range of areas. Broadly, these include:

  1. Product design and testing, including review of prototype designs, along with testing of beta, pre-release, and released products
  2. Online marketing, specifically the creation of Amazon A+ Enhanced Marketing Content
  3. Competitive intelligence on tech trends and products, focusing on the computer, home theater, and smart home markets

If you have a business-related inquiry regarding review of product samples or TBG's consulting services, feel free to e-mail theguru@techbuyersguru.com. Please note that due to the number of readers around the world using our guides on a daily basis, we regret that we cannot provide feedback via e-mail. If you're a reader looking for help, we encourage you to post a question in the TBG Forum, where we or other TBG readers can assist you.