About Us


The Tech Buyer's Guru, LLC was founded by Ari Altman in March 2013 with the goal of contributing to the tech industry in a unique way. There were lots of tech sites out there, but none that presented tech in a straight-forward yet still comprehensive manner that would help readers of any experience level make informed purchasing decisions. There had to be a way to make buying PCs and other tech-related products, and especially building your own PC, a whole lot easier. And so TBG was born! This site combines Ari's passion for teaching with his interest in all things tech, and he hopes you come away from TBG feeling positively informed, with all the background you need to make your next tech purchase a satisfying one!

Special thanks to Yosh Gunawardena for her amazing logo and website designs. Thanks also to Alex Mueller, founder of ten-four web development, and ace Drupal coder Chad Carbert, for their fantastic work turning a sleek web design into a smoothly-functioning web presence, and continuing to improve TBG's website on a regular basis.


All of our website photography and videography is shot on a Nikon D750 FX Digital SLR using a Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G lens, mounted on a Manfrotto MVK502AQ tripod. The TBG website is run off a VPS hosted by the great folks at InMotion Hosting

Please note that due to the number of readers around the world using our guides on a daily basis, we cannot provide support via e-mail. If you need help, we encourage you to post a question in the TBG Forum, where we or other TBG readers can assist you. If you have a business-related inquiry, feel free to e-mail theguru@techbuyersguru.com.