If you're looking to build the fastest possible PC, regardless of budget, then this is the one for you. Unlike TBG's other builds, we're not even remotely interested in performance per dollar. The one and only goal here is to show you the maximum performance you get when you have an unlimited budget, and this month, the price rings in at just over $10,000, because we've maxed out everything! 

For June 2019, this system continues to offer the very best in gaming gear available on the market today. First up is the Intel Core i9-9980XE, an 18-core, 36-thread beast that's simply awesome at everything. In terms of GPUs, we go with the absolute best: dual factory-overclocked, liquid-cooled Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB video cards in SLI, which blows away the similarly-priced RTX Titan in gaming performance! As for storage, the Supreme Dream Machine features the very best SSD ever released, Intel's Optane 905P 960GB, which you'll use for your OS drive, paired with twin Samsung 970 Pro 1TB NVMe SSDs in a RAID0 array for applications, plus the new Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB PCIe drive for deep storage that's still blazing fast. That means you'll have an incredible 5TB of PCIe-based storage in this system for mind-blowing responsiveness. In terms of RAM, we go totally over the top this month, equipping this system with Corsair's brand-new 128GB Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4-3600 kit. Powering this system is the ground-breaking Corsair AX1600i power supply, which exceeds even Titanium levels of efficiency. To finish it off, we turn to Cooler Master for its H500M ARGB case, and for cooling, we go with Thermaltake's Water 3.0 360mm ARGB Sync cooler, guaranteeing your system will be set to max out games for years to come and look good doing it!

To see how this build compares to previous Dream builds, flip over to the Supreme Dream Machine Archive. And once you've reviewed the parts list, feel free to also check out our Guide to Assembling an Ultra-High-End PC for tips on putting your system together. By the way, if you're looking for a new 144Hz 4K monitor or awesome gaming peripherals, just scroll down to the end of this guide.

Because we use real-time pricing engines, you'll always see up-to-date U.S. prices in our guide. To help support the continued development of this guide, please use the links we provide if you purchase products we recommend. Note that many of these parts are hard to find outside of the U.S., but we've done our best to link to similar products in Canada, the UK, and Germany.

The Supreme Dream Machine PC - June 2019


    Intel Core i9-9980XE

    If only the best will do, what you need in your Supreme Dream Machine is the Core i9-9980XE. Offering up the same 18 cores and 36 threads as its predecessor the 7980XE, it ups the ante with a huge boost in clock speed, as well as additional overclocking headroom, allowing it to hit close to 4.5GHz.

    The Guru's Tip:

    You need a motherboard with exceptional power delivery to handle this chip!


    MSI MEG X299 Creation

    With this board, you get everything and then some. That includes fully-customizable ARGB lighting, three M.2 slots (plus an additional four more on the "Aero" PCIe adapter), ten USB ports (plus two DisplayPort and 2 Thunderbolt ports on the included PCIe daughtercard), Intel Gigabit Ethernet, Realtek 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet, and Intel 9260 wireless networking. It also has the ideal PCIe slot spacing for using dual GPUs plus an Optane SSD card.

    The Guru's Tip:

    Created specifically for Skylake-X Refresh CPUs, including the all-conquering 9980XE, this motherboard has power delivery to spare: a 13+1 Phase PWM and triple 8-pin power connectors!

    Video Card:

    EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Hybrid

    For the Supreme Dream Machine, there is no other choice - if you want the best gaming performance available today, you want dual liquid-cooled RTX 2080 Ti cards in SLI! The icing on the cake is a massive factory overclock, which will get you up and running at a sky-high boost all day long. And note that in addition to being among the only liquid-cooled models on the market, this is one of the very few 2080 Ti cards released in a dual-slot format, which is what we need to keep a slot free for the Optane SSD this build features!

    The Guru's Tip:

    This card's radiator will be mounted to the rear of the case, replacing the case's stock 140mm fan.

    Video Card:

    EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Hybrid

    Of course, this system goes with SLI, meaning you'll pick up a second liquid-cooled RTX 2080 Ti. Take note that its radiator will need to be mounted to the front of the chassis, with air blowing in through the case's intake fans. You can mount the GPU's own fan as an "pull" fan on the interior-side of the radiator.

    The Guru's Tip:

    You'll need to connect your cards using an NV-Link Bridge, listed below.


    EVGA NV-Link Bridge 4-slot

    To connect your two RTX 2080 Ti cards, you'll need the brand-new NV-Link bridge, as older SLI bridges, including those that ship with current-gen motherboards, will not work. It provides up to 25x more bandwidth than even the high-bandwidth SLI bridges introduced a few years ago!

    The Guru's Tip:

    Note that you must buy the "4-slot" bridge (note a 3-slot model) for this build.


    Corsair 8x16GB Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4-3600

    What's that you say? You want to go for maximum overkill? OK, let's go for 128GB then! Yes, what we've got here are eight of the fastest, highest-capacity DDR4 sticks you'll find, running at an incredible DDR4-3600 with CAS 18 timings. And being an 8-module kit, it will really fill out your system, putting on a serious lightshow in the process.

    The Guru's Tip:

    These new sticks from Corsair are the best-looking sticks out there, featuring very sleek RGB effects, which can be controlled via the Corsair's iCUE software. Check out our demo video right here!

  • Solid-State Drive:

    Intel Optane 905P 960GB

    SSDs basically come in three flavors: SATA, PCIe, and Intel's Optane. It's not fast, or very fast. It's out of this world. It's a completely new class of SSD, which provides performance unlike anything that's come before it. In fact, it has more in common with RAM than it does NAND-based SSDs. And the new 905p is simply the fastest of the fast, handily beating its predecessor the 900p, and wiping the floor clean with its competitors. Alas, as of our most recent update, it's only available in the U.S.

    The Guru's Tip:

    Note that this drive plugs right into a PCIe 3.0 slot, and for the highest available bandwidth for all components, you should use the last slot on the motherboard. We suggest you follow our guide closely to ensure you can use this drive. If you choose different video cards, there may be no free PCIe slots available.

    Solid-State Drive:

    Samsung 970 Pro 1TB PCIe M.2

    For secondary storage, you don't just want high-end, you want ultra-high-end, and that means going for a 970 Pro 1TB. It's the fastest M.2 drive on the market by far, as well as the most reliable, thanks to its ultra-high endurance MLC NAND flash.

    The Guru's Tip:

    Note that with its x70 series drives, Samsung has dropped capacity somewhat versus the x60 drives, so 1TB is as big as the 970 Pro goes. That's why we suggest you get two... and RAID them!

    Solid-State Drive:

    Samsung 970 Pro 1TB PCIe M.2

    Picking up two 970 Pro 1TB drives gives you the same capacity as the old 960 Pro 2TB, but far more speed at a much lower price.

    The Guru's Tip:

    Get even more speed by setting up a RAID0 array with these two drives. Note that to use other RAID formats, you need to purchase a somewhat silly Intel VROC license key, which unlocks additional modes.

    Solid-State Drive:

    Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB PCIe M.2

    We know you want a really fast SSD for all your data and media, so fill your motherboard's third M.2 slot with the brand-new 970 Evo Plus 2TB drive, the absolute biggest ultra-high-speed M.2 drive ever released!

    The Guru's Tip:

    You can't get PCIe-based SSDs at anything over 2TB, but if you know that a 2TB drive for your data just isn't big enough, go with the Samsung 860 Evo 4TB SATA drive. It's a perfect drive for a huge media collection!


    Cooler Master MasterCase H500M

    When you're building a dream machine, you want a case that's more than just functional. You want something that works great and looks even better. Enter the H500M from Cooler Master, which offers up four tempered glass panels (front, top, and both sides), plus dual 200mm intake fans with ARGB lighting. It also has cutting-edge connectivity in the form of four USB 3.0 ports plus a USB Type-C port, a combination that only the most premium of motherboards support (including the one we recommend, of course!).

    The Guru's Tip:

    This case also has a 140mm fan in the rear, but that will be removed to make way for one of the GPU's liquid radiators. It also has an optional mesh front panel in the box, so you can decide whether you want to maximize airflow or go with glass for aesthetics.

    Power Supply:

    Corsair AX1600i

    Operating above the Titanium efficiency level, which is the highest current official level, this PSU achieves 95-96% efficiency at load. That's thanks to its unique Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistors. If you want rock-steady power and unbeatable reliability for your Dream Machine, this unit will deliver it.

    The Guru's Tip:

    When fully powered up and overclocked, the Supreme Dream Machine will draw about 1000W, meaning this power supply will remain well within its sweetspot.

    CPU Cooler:

    Thermaltake Water 3.0 360 ARGB

    If you want to push your 9980XE to the limit, you absolutely need serious cooling capability, and that means nothing less than high-end liquid. That's what you get with Thermaltake's new Water 3.0 360 ARGB Sync. Equipped with a huge 360mm radiator and three powerful but quiet 120mm fans, it's more than a match for even a beast of a CPU! It also has the best looking RGB effects in the cooling industry, which have been updated to allow them to sync with your motherboard's ARGB controls!

    The Guru's Tip:

    While this cooler comes with thermal paste pre-applied, it's really not that great. Wipe it off and re-apply using Noctua's NT-H2 Thermal Paste Kit with included cleaning wipes!

    Operating System:

    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Flash Drive

    Windows 10 is the best OS ever, and with the major updates Microsoft issues every spring and fall, it just keeps getting better. The Pro version of W10 adds features such as bitlocker encryption and remote access.

    The Guru's Tip:

    Among the many advantages of buying Windows 10 Pro on a flash drive is the ability to install Windows 10 in less than 5 minutes!

Optional Components

    Sound Card:

    EVGA Nu Audio Card

    Add ultra-high-end audio to your system with EVGA's pioneering Nu Audio card. Designed with audiophile-grade components, it's a true premium alternative to built-in motherboard audio.

    The Guru's Tip:

    This card will fit in the last slot of the motherboard, below the second video card.

    The Ultimate Gaming Keyboard:

    Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Low Profile

    Featuring Cherry's new short-throw, low-profile MX Speed switches, this is the fastest keyboard on the market, and also features awesome RGB effects.

    The Guru's Tip:

    See our full review right here!

    The Ultimate Wireless Gaming Mouse:

    Logitech G502 Lightspeed

    With unmatched responsiveness and the freedom of a wireless connection, there's just no better mouse than the G502 Lightspeed. Learn more about this world-beating mouse in our full hands-on review!

    The Guru's Tip:

    Get the most out of this mouse by pairing it up with Logitech's Powerplay wireless charging mat. You'll never need to plug it in again!

    The Ultimate Gaming Monitor:

    Acer Predator X27 bmiphzx

    If you're building yourself the Supreme Dream Machine, you better have a dream monitor to match. There's no better monitor in the world than the Predator X27 from Acer. Packed with all the most advanced technology, it delivers specs that gamers have been dreaming of for years: 4K, 144Hz, G-Sync, and HDR10. This 27" monitor may be small in stature, but it packs a big punch!

    The Guru's Tip:

    For the ultimate setup, why not pick up three of these beauties?