Amazing sound quality for the price; great Bluetooth range; premium feel


Onboard buttons could be easier to use; earcups are comfortable but don't breath

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We've tested our fair share of headphones and headsets, so one could say it takes quite a bit to impress us at this point. That's especially true given that a lot of headphone manufacturers are trading more on name and marketing prowess than actual technical merit. While headphones have been around for decades, it's been like a new Wild West over the past few years, with various brands bursting onto the scene with huge advertising campaigns and equally inflated prices.

So it came as a breath of fresh air when we say that iClever's, a maker of low-cost cell phone accessories, released a number of new premium Bluetooth headsets under its new Tribit sub-brand, without the usual price markup. In this review, we'll be evaluating Tribit's new Xfree Tune, an over-the-ear Bluetooth wireless headset. With styling and specifications that far exceed what you'd typically find at the under-$50 pricepoint where it sells, could it be the perfect headphone kit for the bargain hunter? Read on to find out!

Special thanks to iClever for providing a sample of the Tribit Xfree Tune Wireless Headset for this review.

Description & Features

The Tribit Xfree Tune has an amazing list of features for the price. You of course get Bluetooth wireless connectivity using the Bluetooth 4.1 protocol, which while not the newest standard has all the critical features for audio use (newer versions are intended for data devices). You also get a lithium polymer battery promising 24 hours of use, which is just phenomenal for a headset in this price range. It wasn't so long ago that even high-end headsets struggled to achieve over 10 hours of battery life, and that's what you'll still find in most budget wireless headsets. The battery life is all the more impressive when you consider that the Xfree uses relatively-large 40mm drivers for its audio reproduction, which are far larger than what you'd get in earbuds or even most low-priced over-the-ear headsets. By the way, given that this is indeed a headset, rather than just a set of headphones, it has a built-in microphone for use in phone calls.


Another great feature of the Xfree is its premium feel. It uses a matte rubberized plastic that feels so mcuh better to the touch than hard plastic, and it dressed up the design with a few elements of chrome plastic and metal-like earcup exterior covers. Note that the construction appears to us to be exclusively plastic (there is no actual metal in this headset, including in the headband, but that's fine by us, as it reduces weight - the Xfree weighs just 285g according to our scale. That adds to their portability, as does the slick folding headband.

One last nice feature is the ability to run in wired mode to preserve batteries, or to continue the music once the battery has been depleted. The Xfree includes both the 3.5mm audio cable you'll need to connect the Xfree to your device in wired mode, as well as the USB-to-microUSB connector you can use to charge the battery. While a charger isn't included, the Xfree can be charged using any cell phone charger, or via a USB jack on a computer. 

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