Good sound quality; huge amount of booming bass, eye-catching design and portable size; good battery life


Buttons are stylish but hard to operate; stereo channels separated by 180° marketed as "360° Immersive Sound"

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To get the X-Boom up and running, you press the recessed power button on the back, which appropriately enough glows blue to indicate a Bluetooth connection. There's also a Bluetooth button, but this is only used to place the device in search mode to connect with Bluetooth-capable audio players. The namesake X-Boom feature can also be turned on and off, though we're not sure why you'd turn off X-Boom if you'd just purchased something called the X-Boom! Hey man, I want my X-Boom!

Given how great the smaller XSound Go performed, we had high expectations for the X-Boom, and they were met for the most part. This thing can belt out the tunes! We've captured a short video below demonstrating how the X-Boom's dual woofers pound out the bass in Muse's heavy-hitting rock anthem "Super-Massive Black Hole." 

This little thumper isn't just great to listen to, it's fun to watch too! The only thing we wonder is if the bass would be even better if so much weren't directed downward. An ideal setup would probably have both tweeters in the front of the device so that it could be placed on one side, with the woofers firing in either direction. Bass in an audio track isn't directional, so all you need it to do is reverberate off other objects in a room. That won't do much good out at the park, but it would at least be better than firing half your bass into the dirt. Of course, with both tweeters facing forward, Tribit would definitely have to refer to the two channels as stereo, rather than "360° Immersive Sound", which is how we've come to this odd arrangement that is fine for everything but sitting in front of the speaker and listening to it. It's really intended to be placed somewhere in a room or other space and left on its own, while listeners circulate around it. We totally get that, but it does mean the X-Boom is less adept at creating a compelling stereo listening experience. A sign of the times, perhaps: it's not just music that's changing, or even the way we access it, but how we listen to it too.


If you want the ultimate in room-filling sound in a stylish package at an unheard of price, the Tribit X-Boom should be at the top of your list. Taking all sorts of cues from its more expensive competition, yet delivering the goods at half the cost, the X-Boom makes it clear that you don't need to spend a lot to have a good portable audio experience. The X-Boom produces copious amounts of bass, runs all day long, and yet is still quite portable. It wouldn't be our first choice for solo listening, however, as its soundstage is just too spread out. Otherwise, though, the XSound Go is a perfect low-cost sound machine!

The Tribit X-Boom Bluetooth Speaker is available for $69.99 shipped from Amazon. That makes it the perfect low-cost gadget to liven up your next party!

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