It's that season again... time to find the perfect tech gift for everyone on your wish list! And The Tech Buyer's Guru is here to help, as we have been for years, picking out all of our favorite products from among our various buyer's guides, along with a few special items thrown in to add to the holiday cheer!

We've compiled a list of 30 class-defining products in three major categories for you to browse:

  • Fun 'n Games (this page): profiling gifts perfect for all the PC and console gamers in your life!
  • Home Tech (page two): profiling the hottest gear in home entertainment, automation, and security!
  • Personal Tech (page three): profiling the year's hottest gear for tech enthusiasts to use on the go!

Each page offers a huge range of options, ranging from under $40 all the way up to $1,800, so grab a few stocking stuffers, or go big with our favorite high-end selections!

Fun 'n Games!

    Game Console:

    Sony PlayStation 4 Pro - 1TB

    The console wars are over and the Playstation 4 is the victor. But Sony decided not to rest on its laurels, introducing a brand-new PS4 for the 2016 holiday season. Offering a vastly-improved AMD Radeon-based video card, it can render at a true 4K, unlike the original PS4. And because it's still part of the PS4 family, it can run any PS4 game, but will unlock new and improved graphics quality for a huge number of games, upgrades not available on the standard PS4.

    The Guru's Tip:

    Expect this model to be in very short supply, as is every new console during the holiday season!

    Video Game:

    Titanfall 2

    There are plenty of big-budget games released every holiday season, and this season is no different. But in Titanfall 2, you have a game that practically anyone can enjoy. With a robust single-player story and a dynamic multi-player experience, Titanfall 2 is very likely to win its share of game-of-the-year awards. It's available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

    The Guru's Tip:

    Come on, who hasn't dreamed of strapping into a giant robot suit and vanquishing the bad guys?

    The Bargain Gaming Headset:

    HyperX Cloud Stinger

    There's simply no better headset available under $50 than the new Cloud Stinger from HyperX, a division of memory maker Kingston. The Cloud Stinger packs in all the right features, including powerful 50mm drivers, an boom microphone with flip-to-mute functionality, and ultra-comfortable earcups.

    The Guru's Tip:

    Using its 3.5mm headphone jack, this headset will work on  PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U.

    The Ultimate Wireless Mouse:

    Logitech G403 Prodigy Wireless Gaming Mouse

    High-end PC gamers have waited a long, long time for a no-compromise wireless gaming mouse. Well, the wait is over, with Logitech delivering a true dream product: the G403 Prodigy Wireless Gaming Mouse. Boasting response times so fast that it beats most competitors' wired mice, this awesome mouse simply won't miss a beat. Even better, it's incredibly lightweight, unlike wireless gaming mouse of the past few years, meaning there's simply nothing that will slow it down. No wires, no extra heft, and a perfect shape make it the mouse every gamer will want.

    The Guru's Tip:

    In our extended testing, we've found that the included rechargeable battery lasts a very impressive 24-30 hours. Check out our review of the G403 to learn more!

    The Ultimate Gaming Keyboard:

    Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire Keyboard

    In addition to a great mouse, every PC gamer needs a lag-free keyboard. Often overlooked, a good keyboard can make all the difference not just in enjoying a gaming session, but in enjoying everything you do on a PC. This mechanical model from Corsair ditches the rubbery feel of standard keyboards for good old-fashioned springs, designed in Germany by Cherry, the leading maker of mechanical keyboard switches. And Corsair has an exclusive on Cherry's newest MX Speed switches, which boast about half the travel distance of the popular MX Red switches, making them a whole lot faster and more responsive.

    The Guru's Tip:

    You're also getting full per-key RGB backlighting with this model, which can be customized in an infinite number of ways using the Corsair CUE 2 software available on the Corsair website.

    The Wireless PC Gamepad:

    Xbox Controller + Wireless Adapter for Windows

    What better way to turn a PC into a console than to borrow the best innovation consoles ever brought us - the gamepad! This model is identical to the Xbox One controller that comes with the Xbox One game console, as is the standard by which all others are judged. This package also includes the wireless transmitter to make it compatible with any PC.

    The Guru's Tip:

    You'll need two AA batteries to use this controller. We recommend picking up an Eneloop 4-Pack Kit with Charger.

    The Home Theater Gaming Solution:

    Roccat Sova Gaming Lapboard

    OK, what if a PC gamer is looking to game from the sofa, but isn't quite ready to go full console-mode and  play with a gamepad 24/7? The answer: the Sova lapboard, of course! Among a few entrants in the lapboard arena, Roccat is the only one that actually gets this concept right, with a built-in keyboard, a full-size mousepad, and a wrist rest. And with its four padded bolsters on the backside, it's both comfortable and secure when actually used on a lap!

    The Guru's Tip:

    While the Sova requires a wired connection to a PC, that means there will be no chance of signal dropouts even over long distances. A wireless mouse can be plugged into the Sova's built-in USB port to allow unrestricted wireless mousing that piggyback's on the Sova's wired connection.

    Video Card:

    MSI Radeon RX 480 Gaming X 4GB

    Does a PC gamer on your list need a performance boost for an older PC? Look no further than the brand-new Radeon RX 480 4GB, which packs a punch without breaking the bank! With 4GB of video memory on board, it's ready for all the latest games, and is a perfect match for gaming at the very popular 1920 x 1080 resolution.

    The Guru's Tip:

    This particular model of the RX 480 has the very best cooler available, using two large-diameter fans to provide cool and quiet operation.

    Video Card:

    MSI GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Gaming X

    For the PC gamer that has nearly everything, there's probably one item you can buy that will still have them shouting for joy - the amazing GeForce GTX 1070 8GB. With more than enough power and video RAM to run any game on the market today at resolutions up to 4K, it's the ultimate "value" gamer's card. You have to spend a whole lot more to get just incremental improvements in performance. We particularly like MSI's Gaming model, as it runs very cool while maintaining ultra-low noise levels.

    The Guru's Tip:

    Amazingly, despite being over 60% faster than the RX 480 4GB video card we profile above, this model uses the same amount of power!

    The 24-inch 1080p Gaming Monitor:

    AOC G2460PF

    The gaming experience is about a whole lot more than the hardware inside your PC. With recent advancements in monitor technology, a new monitor can actually provide a much bigger boost to fluidity than any other hardware. That's because what we see is ultimately what we experience, and a standard monitor is limited to 60Hz, or 60 frames per second. That's slow enough that we can perceive stutters and lag, but this 144Hz model goes beyond the refresh rate at which the eye can easily detect motion artifacts, and then piles on the quality with AMD's Freesync technology, which varies the refresh rate to match the framerate rendered by the PC.

    The Guru's Tip:

    This model will work with both AMD and Nvidia video cards, but AMD-based video cards will perform best as they'll take advantage of the Freesync functionality.

    The Gamer's Dream Monitor:

    Acer XB271HU

    Any PC gamer with a high-end GeForce-based gaming system deserves to experience the incredibly fluidity of an Nvidia G-Sync monitor, and the Acer XB271HU is among the very best. With a resolution of 2560 x 1440, this 27" monitor is truly the perfect size for just about anyone, and it boasts refresh rates up to an amazing 165Hz, along with the ability to sync the refresh rate to the frame output of any modern GeForce video card.

    The Guru's Tip:

    This model comes with a 3.3-foot (1-meter) DisplayPort cable, required to enable G-Sync. If that's not long enough for a particular desk setup, we strongly recommend Accell's high-quality 2-meter cable.

    The VR Headset:

    HTC Vive

    For PC owners looking to experience the future of gaming, the HTC Vive virtual reality system is a must-have. With its immersive 360-degree view of the gaming world, courtesy of the Vive headset, along with full motion control via handheld controllers and room-based motion sensors, this is the complete package. We've tried both the Vive and the Oculus Rift, and there's no comparison... the Rift is child's play compared to the Vive.

    The Guru's Tip:

    A powerful PC is required to have a great VR experience, and we consider the GeForce GTX 1070, listed earlier in this guide, as a great starting point.