Well, things are starting to settle down in the high-end Radeon video card market. Most cards are now in stock. The problem is that almost every single 280x, 290, and 290x is currently selling for $100 over the retail price on Newegg, making them fairly lukewarm deals. Pay no attention to the false retail prices Newegg provides – retail on these cards is $300, $400, and $550, respectively. You can thank the Litecoin mining phenomenon for all of this nonsense. As soon as we see any hot deals on in-stock cards, though, we’ll be sure to post them to the blog! In the meantime, consider picking up a discounted Nvidia 770 or 780, which perform comparably for everything but mining!

The Guru’s Tip: Also note that the Never Settle Forever promotion has ended for cards in the HD7800/7900 families. Only the Radeon R7 260X cards receive the voucher. Certain new R9 cards will come with Battlefield 4, although this isn’t a universal promotion.