Tremendous functionality built into a truly tiny device; provides true peace of mind without having to disturb baby when a premonition hits


The clipping mechanism is simply terrible; blinking lights and alarms can go off at the wrong times, causing a distraction

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We try to cover the full spectrum of Smart Home products here at TBG, and since we happen to have kids in the house, a lot of our time is spent testing products that keep kids safe, sleeping well, and under a watchful eye. That means we've tested our fair share of smart home cameras, noise machines, and other automated devices. So, with that in mind, we were eager to test out the Snuza Pico Smart Wearable Baby Monitor, which was one of the most interesting products we've come across in years. Knowing first hand the stress that comes with being the parent of an infant, we could see the huge potential for the Pico to really help parents feel more in control of their baby's health and well being.

But as is common in the Smart Home world, delivering a smooth consumer experience is often easier said than done, so let's see how the Pico does in the real world of raising an infant!

Special thanks to Snuza for providing a sample of the Snuza Pico Smart Wearable Baby Monitor for review.

Description, Features & Performance

We decided the best way to communicate all that the Snuza Pico can do, as well as where it stumbles, would be through a hands-on video, which you can view below.

Final Thoughts

In case it wasn't obvious from the video review, we're torn about the Snuza Pico. On the one hand, it provides undeniable peace of mind to parents, particularly first-time parents who might be quite concerned about the potential for SIDS. It's a real issue, and a deadly one, so anything that can help prevent it is potentially priceless. Furthermore, from a technical perspective, Snuza has packed in a tremendous amount of functionality into its tiny Pico device, far exceeding the capabilities of its previous Hero unit while shrinking the size. These are all great things. But from a mechanical engineering perspective, the Pico is a complete mess. The clipping mechanism isn't just incredibly hard to use, it's incredibly easy to injure your child with. Nothing more serious than a pinch, but there must have been another way this clip could be designed without simultaneously being impossible and painful to use. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that you have to use it every time you change your infant's diaper in the middle of the night in pitch dark, which for newborns could be very frequently.

So where does that leave us, and the Snuza Pico? Well, hoping for something better next time, perhaps, but in the meantime, we strongly recommend the product to parents who are very concerned about SIDS, and we mean parents who find themselves staying up at night on a constant vigil out of fear (we know there are plenty of parents like this out there, and we are not judging them, by the way). But be prepared to practice using that silly clip blindfolded and one-handed a dozen times before trying it during crunch time!

The Snuza Pico Smart Wearable Baby Monitor is available for $60 shipped through Amazon, as of our publication date, which makes it quite a bargain given how much functionality it packs in.

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