With its huge lineup of top-selling peripherals, Razer could rest on its laurels, but it's determined to keep the pressure on, and it showed off its new Basilisk FPS Gaming Mouse at PAX West this year. Available for pre-order from Amazon for $69.99, it will ship on October 20th. The Basilisk, named after a legendary king of serpents, utilizes the internals from the Deathadder Elite, but adds a thumb rest and a number of customizable features. Check out the video here to learn more!


Logitech is in serious overdrive lately, revamping its entire lineup with upgraded products. Just a year after launching the ground-breaking G403 wireless mouse at PAX West 2016, Logitech had an array of new products on display at PAX West 2017, including the follow-up to the G403,  the G703 Lightspeed. With integrated support for the Powerplay charging mat, this mouse will likely be our top choice among gaming mice going forward. But Logitech's very newest products were just announced this week: the G603 Mouse and G613 Keyboard. The G603 offers the same great performance of the G403, but offers 20x the battery life using just two AA batteries. It comes in at $70, or $30 less than the G403. How's that for getting more for your money?!? It leverages Logitech's new high-efficiency rated optical (HERO) sensor, along with Lightspeed wireless technology. The companion G613 keyboard features Romer-G switches, and is the very first wireless mechanical keyboard released by any major manufacturer. It will run for 18 months on two AA batteries, and comes in at $149. Note that to achieve these stellar runtimes, Logitech dropped RGB effects from these peripherals, but we're betting most gamers will be more than happy with that tradeoff! Learn more in this video!


Void Pro

Corsair's booth focused mostly on its Corsair One gaming desktop, but it also had its peripherals on display. The newest are the just-announced Void Pro series of headsets, which improve upon the original Void with more comfortable earcup and headband materials and an improved microphone. The Void Pro Surround is $80 and features a 3.5mm jack, the Void Pro RGB is also $80 and uses USB (PC-only), while the Void Pro Wireless will be $100, making it one of the least expensive wireless headsets on the market.

That's all we have on new peripherals heading into Fall 2017, but we'll be bringing you more content from PAX West soon!

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