Amazing quality and design for the price; extremely portable; good key action


Vigorous typing can cause keyboard to rock; connection to multiple Android devices is not straight-forward

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Here at TBG, we've tested lots of keyboards. From compact models for home theater use, to high-end mechanical keyboards targeted towards professionals, to ultra-high-end mechanical gaming keyboards that virtually glow in the dark, we've pretty much seen them all. But when iClever came to us with its innovative portable Bluetooth keyboard, we were intrigued. There are plenty of custom-designed keyboards out there for smartphones and tablets, but they are typically bulky and expensive, capitalizing on their association with Apple "i" products, typically. Well, despite the "i" in iClever's name, this is not targeted only at iPhone users, and in fact can be used with practically any device, including a PC! Most surprising of all was that the iClever Folding Bluetooth Keyboard came at a price of just $36 shipped. Our interest was piqued.

Read on to learn what we thought of the iClever Keyboard once we actually got our hands on it!

We'd like to extend a special thank you to iClever for providing us with a review sample of the iClever Folding Bluetooth Keyboard.


Description and Features

First impressions matter, and right out of the box, the iClever Keyboard looks a lot more expensive than it is. Its clean lines, compact size, and elegant brushed metal frame lend it a heft and quality feel you're unlikely to find in other accessories anywhere near the iClever's price. When folded for travel, it's 5.7" wide, 3.6" deep, and 0.6" thick. It weighed 6.5 ounces on our scale, and the included travel bag adds another 1/2 ounce, bringing the total travel weight to 7 ounces. Yes, that's a bit bigger and heavier than a smartphone, but not by much! And in other good news, once fully-extended, the keyboard is 10" wide, which is nearly 90% the width of a full-size desktop keyboard.


As noted above, iClever includes a felt drawstring travel bag, which is handy to keep the metal body of the keyboard from getting scratched, but we found the bag was a slightly tight fit for the keyboard, meaning it was just a bit harder than it should have been to get it in the bag. It was quite easy to pull out of the bag, so we have a feeling iClever took the cautious approach, as a bag that was too big wouldn't be much use in protecting the device.

A charging cable, or more accurately, a USB-to-mini-USB cable, is included in the box. To charge the iClever keyboard, you'll need either a plug-in charger as you'd have included with a smartphone, or a device with a USB port accessible, such as a desktop computer. While a laptop would certainly be able to charge this keyboard, we're not sure why you'd pair them together, as a laptop obviously has its own keyboard! In terms of battery life, we didn't use the keyboard long enough to get anywhere close to wearing it down, but given that it is supposed to last for several days of use (as in 24-hour days), we don't think it will be needing a charge any time soon!

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