The Cue revolutionizes home cooking with precision cooking; fair price for the quality hardware and depth of software


The app could use a handful of tweaks to make it even more intuitive

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Simply put, we were amazed at how using a guided precision recipe changed the way our food turned out. We'll let our cooking demo video do the rest of the talking here:

While we only showcased one recipe in the above demo, we've tried a few others, and the results are equally impressive. Now, not everything is perfect; ironically, we felt a few cues were missing from the Cue system, including the importance of clicking "next" after placing your food on the pan, which starts the critical timing aspect of the app. We also felt that a clearer message regarding when the cooktop was powered down would have been helpful, especially given that the cooling fan operates long after the cooktop has stopped heating. One last minor aggravation is that on Android, you must have your GPS on for the Bluetooth to connect to the app, which is undoubtedly going to trip up a lot of people. We also tested the iOS version of the app, and this issue didn't arise. 

You can also check us out showcasing the Hestan Cue on our local NBC TV morning show, which was a lot of fun!


We've tested a whole lot of Smart Home gear, but no product has felt like the complete package that you get in the box with the Hestan Cue. Without having to add any third-party accessories or replacing any wiring or appliances, you can leapfrog into the future of cooking. If you've ever looked up a recipe on the Internet (and admit it, you have!), consider what it would be like if that recipe spoke to you, set the timers for you, set temperatures for you, and did all the math for you when it comes to portioning. It's like a science fiction movie come alive in your kitchen, and it's here today.

The Hestan Cue second-generation Cooking System is available for $400 from Amazon, as of our publication date. From our point of view, that's a tremendous bargain. A stainless steel pan of the quality included in the kit would typically sell for around $100, and that's without any smarts. Induction cooktops go for $50-$100, but are of varying quality, and certainly don't have any smarts either. Add in the tremendously-deep app, which basically gives you a lifetime subscription to professionally-curated and vetted content, and you'll realize that this product will never grow old. The Cue Gen. 2 most definitely gets our strongest recommendation.

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