Author Topic: Running HDMI-in to your PC  (Read 2635 times)

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Running HDMI-in to your PC
« on: July 01, 2015, 12:06:48 PM »
We received an interesting e-mail from a reader regarding an advanced AV configuration, and thought we'd pass along our thoughts.

Here's the original question:

"How would I input the 7.1 sound from the COAX or, the secondary HDMI,
ouput of my Oppo BDP103 into my HTPC? What PC CARD or, motherboard
would enable me to do that?

I need the 7.1 sound to pass through the HTPC so that i can process via
room correction sofware before I output it to the 7 channel HT
amplifier & subwoofer."


Here's our response:

"While I do have an Oppo BDP103 and split the audio and video over two
separate outputs (to the AV and TV respectively), I have never done audio
processing of the output through my HTPC.

There are a few options I can think of that might work for you, but of
course I haven't tested your particular application:

(1) Use a sound card with optical digital in, such as the Sound Blaster Z.

Note that the problem with using digital optical is always going to be
that the audio will be downsampled to lossy Dolby Digital or DTS, rather
than the original lossless DD: True Audio or DTS: Master Audio. There's no
way around that.

(2) Use a motherboard with HDMI in. There is only one manufacturer that I
know of that ever offered this feature, and it is AsRock. Furthermore,
only one model in its current lineup has the feature, its high-end Z97 ITX

This happens to be the motherboard that I use in my HTPC, and it's
excellent, but I've never tried to use its HDMI in capability.

Hopefully this is helpful to you. You're proposing somewhat of an
"edge-use" case, so there just aren't a lot of solutions that will work
for it."