Author Topic: The TBG $3,000 Elite Gaming PC Build Guide  (Read 6160 times)

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Re: The TBG $3,000 Elite Gaming PC Build Guide
« Reply #15 on: July 23, 2019, 02:03:10 PM »
Everything booted up first try.  got the bios utility and switched from auto to xmp1 to get the ram up to speed.  I am noticing a loud buzz/whine coming from the video card when the screen isn't moving.  If I page up and down or scroll the mouse up and down on a window, the noise goes away.  Some but not all of these inputs also seem to affect the LED lighting on the video card.  I get the noise in dark mode as well so it's not the LEDs.  Not sure if its feedback or a power setting that can be adjusted.  Can't seem to find anything related in ASUS forums.  I also managed to miss the chassis 1 fan connection so I do get that fan error on bootup.  I also changed the boot parameters to windows but it's still booting to bios utility every time and I have to force boot it from the utility.

All of this can probably be fixed with a little tinkering. It's a bit odd that the GPU is making noise at idle and not at load, but one thing to check is whether the fans are turning on and off. That's a problem with zero-fan mode designs - they bounce off the temp limit constantly at idle. I set mine to an always-on 23% using MSI Afterburner.

The fan bootup error would only occur if you have no fan plugged into the CPU header - just swap one of your connectors over. The motherboard is warning you that your CPU heatsink may not be plugged in.

As for the startup to the BIOS, could be that the system isn't booting cleanly. May be a memory setting. Try setting the BIOS to factory defaults to see if that clears up.