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Windows 10 HDR
« on: October 18, 2018, 01:09:39 PM »
I recently purchased a 4K HDR TV that is now hooked to my Windows 10 HTPC... after several days of settings tweaks within my TV and in Win10, I finally had everything looking really good, with correct Black Levels... then I found the Win10 HDR mode.

Turning on HDR within Windows, my TV automatically switches to "HDR Mode", which uses a different settings profile... so I adjusted everything to look proper within HDR mode.

First, just an FYI to anyone reading this... most modern 4K TVs will tell your GPU to send "Full Range RGB" and your TV Black Level should be set to "High"... you can verify this with a test pattern to make sure you are getting all 255 levels. However, when your TV is in HDR mode, the correct Black Level appears to be "Low", which is odd to me and I haven't looked into it much further, but it appears to be correct based on test patterns.

Win10 HDR mode messes up some of my games... some do not scale correctly from 1080p/1440p to my TVs 2160p resolution... another game flickers in Fullscreen mode every time the mouse cursor appears or times out...  maybe I just need to keep looking through settings, but so far it is not worth it.

4K movies/videos with HDR look very nice and I haven't had any issues once I got all of the levels correct.

So... assuming I can't get all of my games to work properly in Windows HDR mode... is there a way to force Windows to enable HDR when watching compatible movies/videos, but go back to SDR when playing games?

I watch all of my movies/videos in Kodi... is there a way to have Kodi enable HDR for compatible content?

Ari Altman

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Re: Windows 10 HDR
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2018, 03:42:46 PM »
Awesome insights, holygeez03!

I'm not sure of any auto-switching HDR option. I've tended to just switch it on and off, which of course is a pain. But I'm only using HDR in a couple of games (I no longer use my HTPC for 4K media content).

If you end up finding a way to enable automated HDR modes, please share!