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Forum upgraded with SSL certification
« on: July 26, 2017, 07:58:47 AM »
Good news, folks. The Tech Buyer's Guru has just rolled out a few major website updates for 2017. The most pertinent to members of TBG Forum is that the entire domain has been upgraded with an SSL certificate to encrypt data, ensuring that your data is secure. We take privacy and security seriously, and want you to feel safe using the site.

One quick note - this did cost quite a bit of money to implement, and requires the purchase of an annual SSL certificate, so remember, running a forum isn't free. Please help support our efforts by using the affiliate links we share throughout the forum when you're looking to purchase new products. To help you help us, we've upgraded all links - Canadian and UK readers are now directed to their regional storefronts rather than the US storefront.

Other enhancements you'll find on the main website are embedded YouTube videos as in our recent SilverStone PM01-RGB review, and new buyer's guide headings that clearly identify optional and task-specific products and components, as in our Laptop Buyer's Guide.
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