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Efficient Use of the Forum
« on: June 13, 2017, 07:05:19 AM »
I am new here  :P and I was havin' a good ol' time putting a question forth under this or that category, as I thought was appropriate, as I have just started my first build, and had many questions relating to component selection, etc. At some point  :-\ I may have overwhelmed Ari with my questions, in the sense that he was trying to determine which build I was working on, and how question=X related to question=Y, etc. So Ari consolidated my posts (my apologies to Ari for my ignorance in these matters) and now I am not sure how to direct further questions related to my build. The consolidation of my questions/comments falls under the first main topic, which is something like, "Power Supplies, Fans, etc." So now I don't know whether I should post further questions/comments under their most relevant topic heading, or if I should direct all my questions/comments regarding my build to the string Ari created. If I do the latter, it will appear that I am responding to my own post under that particular main topic, and the avalanche will grow deeper and deeper until... poof! I'm gone :'(

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Re: Efficient Use of the Forum
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2017, 08:27:33 AM »
Good question, Langrenus.

Typically for questions about a complete build, forum members will post in the price-specific build guide section of the forum. For one-off questions about upgrade components, the questions go in the component section of the forum.

The issue with starting a new thread for every question is that many users post each day, and for me to respond to every question, which I do, I need to know which system we're discussing. It's a bit too much work for me to search for the original thread where the build components were listed, and multiple threads end up being pretty useless to other visitors who might like to learn from the questions being asked.

So for example, if you just want a recommendation for a good case fan, posting in the fan forum makes sense. To ask about additional fans to add to a brand new system you are currently spec'ing out, posting in the build forums makes more sense, as it's really a question about the best way to equip the system as a whole.

I'm happy to move and re-title the main thread I created for you if you'd like, although even that doesn't include all of the threads you've created. ;)