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PSU “Q” Related to Previous Post
« Reply #15 on: June 12, 2017, 06:18:49 AM »
Ari… I had a sort of generic power supply question I asked over the weekend, and you asked me which build I was referencing as one part of my question. I don’t know, because it was used as an example in a post to someone. I followed my nose through the site until I found myself on that page. All I can say at the moment is that it has dual SSD’s, was configured somewhat similarly to the Gamer’s 1500, but had an 850W PSU. I was not at all being critical of anyone’s decision to do this or that, for whatever reason. I was curious, though, as to why it seemed heavy on spare power.
By the way, pause for a second and let me thank you. My first order has been placed… and all the sooner because of the myriad questions you answered, and puzzles you solved.
Returning… you had asked which person I was. I’m Langrenus (obviously) who had the case conundrum, and finally settled it by choosing the Enthroo Pro M. I hope to present you with more questions as my build progresses, but it was well thought out, and is going to be solid. And somewhere in there, peeking out of the tempered glass, will be this little Ari dude.


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Found Perfect Fan Config
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Ari, we had previously discussed fan arrangements for my build using the Phanteks Enthoo Pro M, which I just ordered, officially setting off my build. Your input was informative and thought provoking. My build is based on the TBG 1500 Build, and the two principal changes I have made are the case, and I am using the same PSU, except in the 650W version. Involving the case fans, I am moving the front fan to the top, which I will augmented by a second PH-F140SP which I have ordered. My next order will include two PH-F140SP_BK_WLED fans for the front. I like your advice about linking the two pairs, and am following it. My question now is whether I need the three pin, (PH-CB-Y3P), or the 4 pin, (PH-CB-Y4P) splitter. Additionally, I don’t know anything about hub controllers, but I presume I don’t need one.
In conclusion, if I have this right, it looks like with five fans, I’ll be using three headers for the case fans, one for the CPU fan, and I’ll have one open. The overheads and the front pair can each dance together to their own tunes, and all fans are matched. I like the way you think, Ari. Thanks for all your help so far. I’ll be on this build for a while, so, catch you in a bit!

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Re: Found Perfect Fan Config
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You'll need the 4-pin PWM splitter.