Author Topic: The TBG Home Office Mini-ITX Build  (Read 25984 times)

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Re: The TBG Home Office Mini-ITX Build
« Reply #90 on: January 11, 2019, 03:07:55 PM »
No I meant a blu-ray drive when I wrote disc.  I realize it's a bigger case but it's not going to sit on a small shelf, I have a media center with large spaces for electronics.  Was thinking I may even want to add a video card in the future so that's why I was considering it.

Ah, OK, that's a different story. I'd look very seriously at a slim model with a slim DVD bay, like the RVZ02 used in the $1,250 Slim Gaming HTPC, which would support this slim Blu-Ray Burner. It's 3.3x larger by volume than the Antec, but still far smaller than the enormous Core 500, which is truly a gaming case (it's 5.5x larger by volume than the Antec).

You can learn all about the Core 500 in TBG's hands-on assembly guide. It's a great case, but it's very big for use as an HTPC case unless you are going to pack in some very power-hungry gear.