Author Topic: EVGA's GeForce 10 PowerLink Adapter - FREE after shipping  (Read 938 times)

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EVGA's GeForce 10 PowerLink Adapter - FREE after shipping
« on: October 03, 2016, 09:43:43 PM »
EVGA has always been TBG's go-to vendor for GeForce cards due to its top-notch service, and in a surprise move, it's offering its new GeForce 10 PowerLink Adapter for FREE to registered EVGA GeForce 10-series owners, after shipping and handling (which we expect to be around $5). The product will begin shipping in November.

For those interested in how this product came about, a little trip down memory lane may be enlightening. Prior to 2008, all video cards that required additional power via PCIe power adapters had 6-pin connectors located on the far end of the card. This proved to be problematic as cards began to grow in length beyond 10", as most cases at the time offered less than 11 inches of GPU clearance. Nvidia therefore switched over to PCIe power connectors mounted on the top of the PCB, which would not cause interference with drive cages, but created two new problems: (1) they didn't fit in ultra-narrow cases and (2) they looked bad in light of a new trend that began in the early 2010s: windowed cases.

So EVGA is trying to address the latter problem, and perhaps to a certain extent the former problem as well. Props to the company for offering these at no additional cost to existing owners. We assume they'll begin bundling them with GeForce cards in the near future.
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