Author Topic: The TBG $1,250 Quiet Gaming PC Build  (Read 8168 times)


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Re: The TBG $1,250 Quiet Gaming PC Build
« Reply #60 on: October 04, 2017, 01:27:56 PM »
Case question

I have two requirements, one serious, one silly.

It needs to have an optical drive bay (serious) and I would prefer it be white (silly aesthetics).

I'm currently looking at the NZXT H630 as a replacement for the Phanteks P400S in your list.

Should I be concerned about any of the other components from your list with this case?

Welcome to the TBG Forum, Ronin70!

Those are both totally legitimate concerns. In fact, I happen to love white cases, and TBG's ultra-high-end 8-core, SLI test rig is housed in a white case. Nothing to be ashamed of there!

Now, as for the NZXT H630, I can't say I love it. The vault-like design is very good at keeping air out, and while that in part keeps sound in, it also cooks your components, causing fan speeds to rise and create more noise. It's just not a balanced design, and given that it's four years old, that's not too surprising - case designs have progressed a lot in that time. It's also far to expensive at $130.

Two cases that I would recommend instead are the Phanteks Enthoo Pro White at $110, and the heavily-discounted Phanteks Enthoo Luxe White at $130. The Luxe used to be $180, and has now been discounted due to the introduction of a tempered glass version of the case at $180 (which oddly isn't available in white).  If for any reason you don't like the Phanteks aesthetic, or just need that "trap door" look, another good quiet case that both has an optical drive bay and comes in white is the Fractal Design Define R5. That case doesn't do much for me aesthetically, and it's a bit outdated internally, but it's very well made.

Of the three, I'd personally recommend the Enthoo Luxe, as it's really a high-end case at a mid-range price, with built in RGB lighting and a sand-blasted aluminum finish.

Thanks for the quick reply and excellent suggestions.  I ended up going with the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe.