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Inspiron 15" 7000 7559 Review
« on: August 18, 2016, 12:07:33 PM »
I purchased an Inspiron 15" 7000 series 7559 through B&H with a fantastic deal Ari was so kind to reccomend.  After using it a few weeks I wanted to share my thoughts; overall very impressed with the value.  Coming from 20+ years of Mac workflows with PC usage in-between mainly for word processing, it's been a bit of work to get use to windows.  I don't want this to be focused on Windows issues so I'll keep it just to the computer.

Intel i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz
16GB 1600 MHz DDR3
GTX 960M 4GB

-The Dell is slightly bigger than my 2012 15" MBP, though weight is about the same.
-I'm much fonder of the 16:9 display vs the 16:10 in the MBP
-Coming with two sata ports is great.
-This processor seems way more efficient than the Sandy i7 in the MBP, it hardly gets hot during heavy photo/video processing nor playing games.
-The cooling system looks very well thought out.
-Maintenance is terrific, one screw and the whole back comes off
-Keyboard feels pretty good for a laptop and there's a keypad.
-The sound isn't bad for a laptop, way better than the MBP
-The display is nice for daily use, however it's not great for precise photo/video editing
-It's way more powerful to play games on the go.  I can actually get a good 70fps playing GW2 at high settings and 1080.  The 4Gb video card is a huge upgrade from the 1Gb radeon I had.
-I installed a Crucial M.2 ssd and it has made app opening and startup instantaneous.  It's much quicker than the SSD I had in the MBP
-The style is great.  It doesn't look like a riced out Civic, yet manages to add some flare to a professional design with the red accents.
-The soft touch materials feel nice on the hands when typing.
-It's black so I don't feel like I'm sending signals to mars when outside in the sun.

-The display is my number one gripe, even though I listed it as a pro. It doesn't get anywhere near as bright as the MBP.  There's also very limited color correction that can be done, maybe with aftermarket software but that's annoying.
-It doesn't get close to the ProPhoto color space, not sure if it even hits the complete sRGB spectrum.
-The soft touch materials below the keypad and on the cover are questionable.  They feel nice but I'm skeptical of their longevity.  It also leaves fingerprints all over, I like my laptop to look spotless so it's a bit peeving.
-The touchpad is quirky, but IMO most are.  I don't ever use it so I don't care, but someone might.
-I wish the usb, hdmi, etc ports were pushed back further, but I realize this might have impeded on the cooling, and I'd rather have the latter be taken into consideration first.
-Lack of USB 3.1 or any other fast transfer methods (ie: thunderbolt)  USB 3.0 is outdated, it's good for connecting a mouse and that's about it.  This is my second biggest gripe, sometimes even more frustrating than the screen.  Connecting and trying to work off of and upload/download to my external raid feels so slow.  It takes a few seconds if I have to jump through folders in lightroom to find pictures.  Firewire 800 which is now over 15 year old technology gives me faster data transfer when moving in both directions.
-I'm also tired of companies putting 5400rpm hdds in laptops.  I understand we have to save money and can't throw SSDs in everything, but for heavens sake put a 7200rpm drive in!
-Also the power connector should have been an L design so it goes straight back not straight out the side.  I guess it's good if there's a socket on my left, but one that directs towards the rear of the computer would have worked better in more situations.

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Re: Inspiron 15" 7000 7559 Review
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2016, 12:43:09 PM »
Thanks for this review, Secret!

It's great to hear that you like the Dell Inspiron overall. It's definitely not a professional-level content creation machine with regard to the screen, but it was a very good deal for the power it offers. I bet your MBP was 2-3x more expensive!

I think we'll find the next generation of laptops offering USB 3.1, and that should help alleviate the bottleneck. Firewire and other I/O technologies may in some ways be superior, but manufacturers of mid-priced machines have to take into account the user base and the peripherals they're most likely to have when choosing which connectors to include.

One  USB 3.1 Type C and one USB 3.1 Type A should basically be standard going forward, but we'll see how that works out!


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Re: Inspiron 15" 7000 7559 Review
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2016, 01:09:54 PM »
Haha yea I paid $2500+ tax for the MBP, not including the ram and hd upgrades over the years, I won't do that again!  This was a geat deal and I'm very very happy with it, I realize the list of cons seems long, but I'm being very scrupulous.  Even at the $900 it's going for now I'd be happy with this computer.  I wanted to get some side by side shots for size comparison but I sold the MBP an hour after I posted it.
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