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Dell Inspiron Problem
« on: February 27, 2019, 12:22:34 PM »
Hey, My brother has had a Dell Inspiron around 1000 dollars for around a year with a year warranty on it. I forgot the specific model name but it has a Ryzen 1700X and a AMD Radeon 580. Around a couple months after the warranty expired, The computer itself failed. He took it to best buy and they said it was a motherboard related problem. They said they could fix it but it would cost 300 dollars for a replacement and 70 dollar service fee. I don't claim to be a computer expert but I think they are charging him up the wazoo for that. Would it be possible to do a DIY fix job? I have a couple friends that are experienced computer builders and they seem suspicious about best buy. Thanks.

Ari Altman

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Re: Dell Inspiron Problem
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2019, 03:45:38 PM »
It's your choice to see if one of your friends can do it, but it will be a pain. Working on Dells always is, because they don't use standard motherboards or firmware. The issue is that it's really not worth Best Buy's time to work on these PCs unless they charge a lot to fix them. The labor fee they are charging is really too low. So they're making it up on the parts.

Honestly, he'd be better off just taking the 1700X, Radeon 580, RAM, hard drive, and power supply, and building a DIY computer out of it. Not worth the hassle of working with Dell parts. Get a new case and motherboard that ISN'T Dell.