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I was looking at your 5 year comparison article. I would call myself a late adopter for computer hardware, but I still like building my own computers. So I have a few computers sitting around. I dont game much. Mostly I use computers to access the Internet and keep up to date and watch videos like TV Programs on HULU and other Websites. So in the recent past I did not use high end video cards.

I had some extra money so I did purchase a 4K Samsung TV. I also upgraded one computer for HDMI 2.0 which required a video card. I purchased a Gigabyte 1050TI
4GB GDDR5 video card with HDMI 2.0. for about $150.00 and It seems to work well. These newer Intel CPU's seem to last forever, so I saw no reason to upgrade my i3 6100.

However, since I had some extra money I built a couple newer computers for my TV's.

I built one computer with an i5 8400 and it works great. I put it in a corsair 200R case. The case is a little large but it has good room for cable management and supports both Hard Drives and SSD's. I put a 500 GB M.2 SATA on the motherboard.

I also thought I would build a smaller computer for fun. I purchased an Asrock Deskmini 310 STX bare bones kit. It is really small. It supports Gen 8 Intel CPU's so I put a 4 core i3 8100 in it. The Kit also comes with an external power brick and an "ac" wireless kit. So I also used 16 GB of Sodim DDR4 2400 and a Crucial 500GB SSD. I could have used a M.2 drive but I already had the SSD. The little 6" X 6" X 3" computer works well and the wireless worked well too.

My oldest computer is an i5 2500K system that still runs well enough. I am going to look for a good home for some of my older computers.

Peace Out

Desktops (Pre-Built) / Re: Dell Inspiron Problem
« on: May 25, 2019, 06:30:35 PM »
Diagnosing computer problems can be difficult. It may not be the motherboard. Often it is the RAM or the power supply may be starting to fail or the cooling fans could be having problems keep running. Even a Hard Drive could be failing like they often do. Then there is all the junk ware that is included in free apps and programs on the Internet. Free usually means free Virus and Firmware attacks.

I learned a lot about this from watching YouTube Videos done by Carey Holzman. He has some videos where he diagnoses computers with problems. It is very seldom the motherboard that has the issue.

Here is one of his videos on diagnosing a Dead HP Computer. He is a computer technician with years of experience.

Hope this doesnt violate any policy.

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