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Thanks for your reply, I will go on and choose a good open air gpu now :) Btw, do you think it will be worth waiting for ryzen 3000 series to replace i9 9900k in this build?

Sorry I missed that important comment. Since there is no feedback from the H60 comment, I might just go for the solution you provided in the guide. I have another question about this build (sorry I am just new to building pc, can't help to be so scared), will a blower style GPU (e.g. ASUS turbo) fits in better in this build? I assume that the CPU cooler is having a hard time cooling 9900k so base on this a blower style should help out with the stress for better thermals inside the case? Thanks for your help.

Hi there,

I am new to building pc so I'm in need with advice, thank you for your help in advance. I have been looking on low profile coolers for i9, aside from the custom cooling solution you posted on the $2500 mini-ITX guide, will big shuriken 3 perform better? I have seen a video comparing low profile air coolers on the market but that is not the same setup as you suggested. Also, will any AIO fit into that 82mm space? Thanks for your help.


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