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Testimonial use is fine with me.  You helped me worm my way through a tough situation, at least, a tough one for me.

Just to let you know, the 2008 monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 906 BW.  It set up just fine with a DVI cable.  I forgot it had both analog and digital capability.

The newer VGA monitor, a Samsung Version BP01, works just fine with a VGA to HDMI cable, per your suggestion.

We now have dual monitor capability, and I used the other comments from folks to fix the loss of sound when plugging in a second monitor, resetting the audio back to the original speakers in the Playback Devices section of the Audio system.

Again, thanks for your help.  Could not have done it without you.

Name:  Harriet G.
Home:  Rio Rancho, NM

The irony of this is that the older monitor was a very good Samsung that accepted the DVI cord and is working just fine.  The newer 22" monitor was VGA only and cannot be used for this new computer.  When you get a deal that's too good to be true....

Again, thank you for all your help.  We have the new computer up and running and are very happy with it.  TBG, especially you, have been instrumental in helping us create a quality computer at a fraction of the cost that buying a new computer would have entailed.  TBG is the best!

Thank you for your help!  I borrowed my next door neighbor's monitor with a DVI cord and the computer booted right up and installed Windows 10, and I could SEE it!

Problem solved. 

Thanks for  your time.


Okay.  Monitor one is from 2008 when we built our first computer and it works like a champ.  The second monitor is more recent, but even that is probably five years old at this point.  I'll go out on Amazon and see if they have some decent monitors to go along with this system.  Our newest one is 22" diagonal.  The older one is probably a 13-15 diagonal.

Do you have a recommendation for good, cheap monitors for this computer system?  We're currently set up to view two monitors from one computer.

I'm using the original cables that came with them.  VGA.  I have them connected to an adapter that fits into the video input on back of the computer.

I started my troubleshooting with the memory, taking both out and reseating only 1 in the #2 slot.  That didn't fix the problem.  I still had the debugger lights on the motherboard at that point, so maybe it'll help to try it again.

No video card installed.  I wanted to use the onboard video of the motherboard and see how that worked.

I have:

Pentium G4600 CPU
MSI B250M Bazooka mobo
Crucial 2x 4GB Ballistix Sport LT DDR4-2400
Microsoft Windows 10
WD Blue M.2 250 GB (this SSD is awesome!)
Silverstone PS 12 Tower
LG 24x DV Burner GH24NSC0B

At first the Debugger was showing a DIMM problem, but I reseated them both and that seems to have stopped.

Now when I turn on the computer, the fans run, the DVD burner operates, and it sounds as if the DVD burner is trying to load Windows as the OS, but since I can't see anything, I'm not sure...

I just finished the build of my new computer.  It turns on and all the fans seem to run just fine.  I have the M.2 SS drive, so I don't know it it's "running" or not, it's so quiet.  I want to set up Windows 10, but can't get the monitors to be acknowledged by the motherboard, which is the B250M Bazooka.  I didn't plug the VGA power plug in when setting up the power supply, simply because I didn't see an obvious place for it to fit on the motherboard.    The monitors I'm attaching to the rear connection of the computer do run when attached to another computer I have.  Can anyone help me with this issue?  I'm stuck.

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