Amazing efficiency; ultra-quiet fans; good price/performance ratio


Unimpressive overclocking headroom; questionable Nvidia marketing

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Overall Results & DX12 Benchmarks

1080p Average

5 games 1080p

Overall, the GTX 1070 delivers on Nvidia's promise of GTX Titan X-class speed, beating the GTX 980 Ti by 5% at stock speeds here. Versus the stock 970, the 1070 is 59% ahead, while it's 32% ahead of the 980. But once overclocked, the superior overclocking ability of Maxwell-gen cards means they make up a bit of the distance, with the 980 Ti essentially tying the 1070. 

1440p Average

5 games 1440p

The 1070 is 62% ahead of the 970 at 1440p, and 35% ahead of the 980, which is really quite impressive given that it's just 50% more expensive than the 970, and retails for around the same price the 980 was selling for upon the 1070's release. That's a nice gift to gamers. But the 980 Ti teaches the upstart a lesson, actually pulling ahead once overclocking is taken into consideration. And even at stock speeds, it matches the 1070's minimums, suggesting that its memory bandwidth advantage keeps it running just as smoothly despite older-gen credentials.

DX12 Results

3DMark Time Spy DX12


This brand-new benchmark shows the 1070 at its best, leveraging "async compute," which in really simple terms is like Hyperthreading for GPUs. This allows it to harness the power of compute units that would otherwise sit idle at any given moment, and in turn allows the 1070 to get way ahead of the older GeForce cards. It's 70%, 44%, and 14% ahead of the 970, 980, and 980 Ti, respectively, meaning that DX12 seems to give it an extra 10% performance boost versus Maxwell-era cards.

Update: To give our readers a little taste of what's to come, we ran our GTX 1070 SLI duo in this benchmark, achieving a 9,658 graphics score with one SLI bridge, and an amazing 10,265 score with two standard SLI bridges, for 74% and 85% scaling, respectively. And that was with a power draw of around 340W, which for the record is less than a single overclocked 980 Ti! We'll have much more to say about 1070 SLI performance in an upcoming article, but this should give enthusiasts something to think about!

Tomb Raider DX12 1080p

ROTR 1080 DX12

Just as we were wrapping up our benchmarking, Crystal Dynamics dropped the biggest game update since February, which meant we had to go back to the drawing board on our testing. Well, we took the opportunity to run this game in DX12, which we found back when DX12 was added really wasn't working all that well. As the new benches show, it's a bit better now, with DX12 performing better than DX11, although minimums are oddly low. This may be a flaw in the built-in benchmark, which of course is required to get DX12 data. While the rumor mill suggested that Pascal would have vastly improved handling of DX12 code versus the older Maxwell design that the GTX 980 Ti is based on, we're not really seeing it here. The deltas are about the same as in DX11.

Tomb Raider DX12 1440p

TR 1440 DX12

Yeah, we double-checked those numbers. The GTX 1070 falls apart in DX12 here. Immature drivers, perhaps? The Pascal-based 1070 was supposed to be superior to Maxwell in DX12 according to Nvidia, but it seems there's still tweaking to be done.

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