Amazing efficiency; ultra-quiet fans; good price/performance ratio


Unimpressive overclocking headroom; questionable Nvidia marketing

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2560 x 1440 Benchmarks

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme


In this 1440p benchmark, the GTX 1070 has a 7% lead at stock speeds and a 4% lead once overclocked, at least when it comes to the all-important Graphics Score. But the overall score has us just a little bit concerned about what's going on in the background with Nvidia's drivers. Again, when the 980 Ti and 1070 are both overclocked, the 1070 has a higher Graphics Score but lower overall score, indicating a higher CPU burden. 

Note that when it comes to its namesake rival (the 970) and price-class rival (the 980), the GTX 1070 is 60% and 30% ahead, respectively, at least until we apply overclocking. Then it's just 54% and 24% ahead, respectively.

Rise of the Tomb Raider DX11


The 1070 is barely ahead of the 980 Ti at stock speeds, and loses out once overclocked. And the 4GB cards are hapless here, with insufficient amounts of VRAM to handle the game. We've actually spent a lot of time in this game, and a GTX 980, while putting up respectable averages at 1440p, feels terrible in actual gameplay. The GTX 1070, on the other hand, feels sublime, making this a huge upgrade for shoppers in the $450 price bracket.

Far Cry 4


Things are pretty tight at 1440p in Far Cry 4, so much so that once overclocked, the 980 Ti pulls ahead of the 1070. Keep in mind that despite the 1070 being based on a newer design, the GTX 980 Ti has more overall memory bandwidth due to its 384-bit bus, which may be helping here.

The Witcher 3


Ouch, the muscle-bound GTX 980 Ti comes close to matching the 1070 at stock speeds and pulls ahead once overclocked at this demanding resolution. You can probably thank its substantially higher number of CUDA cores and overall superior memory bandwidth for that.

Crysis 3


While the GTX 1070 is neck-and-neck with the 980 Ti here, it puts some serious distance between itself and the older but originally more expensive GTX 980, and keeps 55-60% ahead of the 970. Too bad Nvidia moved it up a price class, because 970 owners would have loved this upgrade at $350!

Battlefield 4


Again, we see BF4 playing to the 1070's strengths, as it stays 14% ahead of the 980 Ti at stock speeds. Too bad our sample didn't overclock better, though. 

OK, to be honest, our GTX 1070 sample's weak overclock held it back some, but we have two 1070 samples, and neither one lives up to Nvidia's 2100+MHz hype. That means that even a modestly-capable GTX 980 Ti can catch or beat it, at least in certain games. In other words, the 1070 just isn't the world-beating 1440p gaming card we hoped it would be, but it's still really fast given the price.

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